Forecast Reports

Forecast articles from the quarterly reports are free to read one calendar year after release.

California Budget - May 2020

U.S. Employment Analysis - October 2019

U.S. Employment Analysis - September 2019

September 2018 Economic Outlook
A Wile E. Coyote Economy? - David Shulman
The Tech Industry in California - William Yu

June 2018 Economic Outlook

March 2018 Economic Outlook
Regime Change - David Shulman
Bifurcated No More? - Jerry Nickelsburg

December 2017 Economic Outlook
Sunny 2018, Cloudy 2019 - David Shulman
A Downshift in Growth Foretold - Jerry Nickelsburg

September 2017 Economic Outlook
Affordable Housing Gets a Bump - Jerry Nickelsburg

June 2017 Economic Outlook

March 2017 Economic Outlook
Extreme Makeover - David Shulman

December 2016 Economic Outlook

UCLA Anderson Forecast