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Hire a UCLA Anderson Intern


UCLA Anderson interns are looking for a
meaningful startup experience

Connect with entrepreneurial intern candidates who are available to undertake projects of strategic importance to your organization. 

Submissions deemed appropriate for graduate-level students will be shared with UCLA Anderson’s largest student organization, the 600-member Entrepreneur Association, comprised of first and second-year MBA students who are looking for a meaningful startup experience. Candidates interested in applying to your internship will contact your company directly. Please be specific when describing the details of the internship. 

Past projects have included: systems development; marketing and strategic plans; monitoring for quality and technical performance standards; development of capital structure and financing vehicles; evaluation of cost accounting systems and pricing policy; distribution channel analysis; production cost international expansion programs; acquisition analysis; and customer service programs.

For questions about compensation, time commitments, the scope of responsibilities, or other intern-related inquiries, please contact angela.klein@anderson.ucla.edu.

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