About Our Programs


Three Month Activate Program


This program supports founders at the earliest stage of their journey. This three-month summer program works with both idea-stage and prototype-stage companies to build a defensible foundation toward a viable venture.

The main goal of the summer incubator is to help first-time founders validate problem-solution fit, determine customer segment, and product-market fit. Upon completion of the incubator program, founders will develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and will be eligible to apply to the winter six-month, immersive Accelerator program that runs January – June.


Six Month Accelerate Program


The Anderson Venture Accelerator offers a curated and immersive experience customized by vertical for early-stage startups. Approximately 10 companies are accepted per cohort. The program runs once a year and offers one-on-one mentoring by UCLA Anderson alumni, weekly workshops that focus on the “how to,” connections to capital and regular networking events to engage with the Los Angeles startup ecosystem. Companies that participate in the cohort will have the opportunity to pitch and fundraise at the Venture Accelerator’s fall showcase. 

This program is for founders who are, at a minimum, at the prototype stage, but ideally launched and operational. The expectation is to accelerate from pre-seed to the seed stage of funding. The minimum benchmarks necessary to be considered for the program include the following:

  • A company that is working full time on its venture (at least two or three members covering business, tech/CTO and operations)
  • A company that is at the prototype stage and has proven out the concept for product-market fit
  • A company that has gained traction/validation in terms of monthly recurring revenue, users and/or funding