Affiliated Student Associations


The most important brand you will ever build is yourself.

UCLA Anderson's marketing clubs provide a variety of ways to network with your fellow career-minded students, participate in activities designed to exercise, strengthen and hone your skills, and explore career paths. Attend seminars, speaker series and job fairs.

Marketing Association


UCLA Anderson Marketing AssociationThe UCLA Anderson Marketing Association educates Anderson students about the variety of marketing careers and their benefits, assists members in promoting themselves for internships and full-time positions, and builds awareness among corporate and prospective student communities about Anderson as a premier marketing institution.

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Retail Business Association


UCLA Anderson Marketing AssociationThe Retail Business Association helps UCLA Anderson students develop knowledge of the retail industry and the various functions within the industry. The club supports students' desire to learn more about the retail industry, to enter the retail section - from luxury apparel to e-commerce - or to launch their businesses in one of these areas.

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Strategy & Operations Management Association


UCLA Anderson Marketing Association

The Strategy & Operations Management Association serves UCLA Anderson students interested in learning more about and exploring careers in the fields of data analytics, business strategy, corporate development, and operations management. SOMA has propelled Anderson students into industry opportunities and learning experiences with alumni and the broader business community through career nights, company presentations, workshops and networking events. 

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