Tech Summer Institute

If you want to lead today's digital tech world, enroll in the UCLA Technology Leadership Summer Institute that puts you at the center of L.A.'s tech scene.

Registration for Tech Leadership Summer Institute 2019 will open on February 15.
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About this Program


Technology has changed the way we live and work. As future leaders, you understand that tech will continue to transform the way you commute, shop and consume content. The six-week summer institute offered by the Easton Technology Management Center will prepare you to join today's digital workforce, regardless of your undergraduate major. The program is led by UCLA Anderson School of Management, a top-ranked business school. 

We will cover big data, small data and the artificial intelligence (AI) behind personal assistants like Siri and Alexa. You'll meet with executives from firms such as Microsoft, Nestle and Cornerstone OnDemand, and will visit Los Angeles-based companies such Headspace and Riot Games. 


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Program Benefits

  • Learn about the opportunities in and impact of AI while developing products and business models that leverage AI/ML for positive impact
  • Become an expert problem solver via design thinking and develop user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) skills
  • Build your big data vocabulary and skills so you can make decisions on managing and analyzing big data
  • Innovate, develop and commercialize new product concepts with a team of highly motivated students from all around the globe
  • Understand real-world scenarios and strategies of major tech companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, through current case studies
  • Immerse yourself in different company cultures during visits to Los Angeles’ hottest companies
  • Learn from and network with Silicon Beach tech heavyweights through guest lectures that illuminate their experiences in the tech industry

Past Program Highlights

Students learn to communicate and persuade in the classroom
Teams work together to solve assigned problems, rooted in real-world scenarios
Students gain career insight from Microsoft speaker
A student finds one of Google’s resources to keep its employees thinking strategically
Students learn about cybersecurity outside of the classroom, at Southern California Edison
Students work on big and small data in the classroom
Students on a guided company tour in Silicon Beach
Proud graduates of the program

Get a jump on your career to lead in today’s digital tech world.

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