Dive deeper into the technology industry by pursuing a specialization in technology management.

Specialization in Technology Management


Specialization in Technology Management (the Easton Center Technology Management Certificate) is earned by completing required courses and fulfilling additional non-academic criteria that give students a distinct advantage when pursuing careers in the technology sector. Upon completion, you will receive a UC-senate approved certificate and get to wear an exclusive Easton Center graduation stole at your commencement ceremony. 

Easton Certificate Requirements
*Please note that requirements vary based on your MBA program (i.e. MBA, FEMBA, or EMBA). Please check CCLE for your specific requirements.

service activity

Our staff can approve service activities. Some creative options to fulfill the service activity include introducing Easton to an industry contact industry contact or student club, volunteering for an Easton activity or writing a blog post. 

summer internship

A summer internship in a tech related role at a large global company or startup is required for all Easton students who are not currently employed during the summer. FEMBA and EMBA students do not need to complete this requirement.

Track your Progress


For current students that wish to track the status of requirements,  see the complete list and schedule of courses, and find all relevant information about the Easton Certificate please click here

If you would like to speak to an Easton representative for more information about the Easton offerings and certificate completion, please email: