The Easton Technology Fellows Program was created in 2014 by the Easton Center and AnderTech (formerly High Tech Business Association). Easton Technology Fellows have the charter of advancing technology initiatives at UCLA Anderson and strengthening the connection among Easton and AnderTech, UCLA Anderson alumni in technology, and the external tech community.

Easton Fellows


Madan Kompalli ('19)

Current Role: Product Manager, Starbutter AI.

Madan is the Director of Operations for the South Asian Business Association at Anderson. 

Gerry Sims ('19)

Current Role: MBA Intern, Google.

Chenjie Ding ('19)

Current Role: Product Marketing Intern, TruBrain.

Chenjie is the Section President of the Anderson Student Association. 

Stevie Rhim ('19)

Current Role: Applications Engineer - Technical Assistance Center, Infineon Technologies.

Taylor St. Clair ('19)

Previous Role: Institutional ETF Sales - Hedge Fund Channel, SPDR ETFs.

Taylor is the President of AnderTech. 

Lisa Zheng ('19)

Previous Role: Director, Advanced Digital Solutions, Epsilon.

Lisa is the AnderTech VP of Easton. 

Aubrey Rho ('18)

Current Role: Senior Product Manager, Amazon.

Aubrey was the President of AnderTech. 

Tom Burdakin ('18)

Current Role: Senior Associate, KPMG Strategy. 

Tom was the VP of Student Affairs - Easton Leadership Program of AnderTech. 

Terence (TJ) Wynn ('18)

Current Role: Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce. 

TJ was the Lead Technology Career Coach and Director of Silicon Valley Recruiter Relations of AnderTech. 

Brian Song ('18)

Current Role: Lead Systems Engineer, USAF. 

Brian was an AnderTech director of Student Affairs - FEMBA. Additionally, he served on the board of the UCLA IS Associates as a student representative. 

Erin Riddle ('18)

MBA Internship: Product Marketing Management Intern, Facebook. 

Erin was the VP of Alumni Relations of AnderTech, Tech Marketing Anderson Career Coach, and Tech Interview Prep Team coach. 

Ryan Dumlao ('18)

Current Role: Product Manager, Adobe. 

Ryan was a Director of External Relations of AnderTech, an Technology Career Teams Coach, and Interview Prep Team coach. 

Sophia Law ('17)

Current Role: Senior Product Manager, Amazon.

Sophia was the President of AnderTech

William Fox ('17)

Current Role: Product Operations Manager, Google. 

Will was VP of Student Affairs - Easton Leadership Program in AnderTech

Naomi Lim ('17)

Internship: Planning and Launch Mangement MBA Intern, Microsoft. 

Naomi was VP of Student Affairs - Education & Career Dev in AnderTech

Marlena M. Stephens ('17)

Current Role: Strategic Business Manager, Tata Consultancy Services.

Kartikeya Kaul ('17)

Internship: MBA - Intern, Products and Innovation, Visa.

Robert Gibson ('17)

Current Role: Product Manager, Symantec. 

Robert was VP of Marketing & Communications in AnderTech

Dan Mitchell ('16)

Internship: Product Marketing/Business Development Summer Associate, TopLine Gam Labs.

Dan was the President of AnderTech.

Jarett Fein ('16)

Current role: Senior Associate, Profit.

Jarrett was the co-President of the UCLA chapter of Design for America and Vice President of AnderTech.

Sayali Kasture ('16)

Current role: Product Manager, Adobe.

Sayali was the Vice President, Student Affairs - International of AnderTech and Vice President, Admissions of the Entrepreneur Association (EA).

Eshita Shah ('16)

Current role: Product Manager, Adobe.

Eshita was the Vice President of Interview Preparation teams (IPT) for AnderTech.

Megan McCoy ('16)

Current role: Manager, Ad Product Strategy, Pandora.

Peter Kuck ('16)

Current role: Senior Associate, Strategy, KPMG.

Lauren Edelstein ('15)

Current role: Senior Manager, Integrated Ad Solutions.

Lauren was the President of AnderTech.

Lily Abagyan ('15)

Current role: Program Manager, Apple.

Lily was the Vice President, Student Affairs-Easton Technology Leadership Program of AnderTech.

Jilber Najem ('15)

Current role: Business Development Manager, PlayStation.

Jilber was the Vice President, Student Affairs-Education and Career Development of AnderTech.

Quaseer Mujawar ('15)

Current role: Director, United HealthGroup.

Quaseer was the Vice President, Information and Technology of Anderson Student Association (ASA).

Adam Hammonds ('15)

Current role: Account Executive, Google.

Adam was the Vice President, Business Development-Start Ups and EA Liaison of AnderTech.

Nitin Tripathi, FEMBA ('15)

Current role: TPM, Union Bank.

Nitin worked as a Technical Product Manager at Kaiser Permanente while attending UCLA Anderson.

Ashley Mallinson (’14)

Current role: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft.

Ashley was the President of AnderTech.

Angela Hsiao (’14)

Current role: Senior Product Manager, MyFitnessPal.

Angela was the VP of Student Affairs - Education of AnderTech.

Bo Pulito (’14)

Current role: Business Development Manager in Emerging Advertising Products, Google.

Bo was the VP of Business Development of AnderTech and Co-Director of the Entrepreneur Association Conference.

Gregory Paige (’14)

Current role: Senior Manager of Global Lifecycle Marketing, EA.

Gregory was the VP of Marketing & Communications - Digital Strategy of AnderTech.

Kate Edwards (’14)

Current role: Co-Founder, HeartBeat.

Kate was the VP of Marketing & Communications - Brand Management of AnderTech.

Zak Stern ('14)

Current role: Product Manager, Google.

Zak was the VP of Business Development - Sponsorships of AnderTech.