Between courses, workshops, events, and our work with the industry, Easton is able to impact a broad range of students and technology professionals.

Our Offerings



Easton Center offers a range of technology management courses with other pertinent electives in various areas of study. The curriculum is taught by faculty as well as alumni and industry professionals. Students learn about emerging technologies and their associated markets, technology management, product development and Web and data analytics.

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Speaker/Panel Events

Easton events include showcase events such as CES, Big Data Conference, and CREATE Conference as well as speaker events including the annual keynote and quarterly speaker series. Some previous speakers include David McCann, VP of Amazon Web Services; Vint Cerf, VP & Chief Internet Evangelish for Google, Penny Delgadillo Valencia, SVP Gloval Audience Marketing for SAP; and Kirk Dunn, COO of Cloudera.

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Interactive workshops are designed to help students learn skills they will need to become future technology leaders in a short span of time. Workshops fall into the broad categories of product management, product marketing management, and leadership. Product management skills can include agile development, design thinking; technology marketing include social media marketing, SQL, and data visualization; leadership exercises can include case studies and practicing persuasion techniques. Easton offers a varying combination of 3 to 5 workshops each quarter and many are available remotely. 

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Enrichment Activities

Easton exposes students to a variety of enrichment activities throughout the year. Mentoring opportunities and academic internships greatly enhance students’ professional prospects.

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