Easton Courses


Technology Management (241A)

Current Topics in Emerging Technologies & Markets (275)

  • 01 - Innovation in Media & Entertainment Technology
  • 01 - Healthcare Technology Management
  • 02 - Cloud Computing & Big Data
  • 04 - Global Payments Technology 
  • 01 - Product Management
  • 02 - Product Management
  • 04 - Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence
  • 298D - Evolution & Innovation in the Global Mobile Industry

Industry guest speakers will be an integral part of the course to present current and real-world scenarios given the recentness of the technologies and the rapid pace of market disruption they cause.

Todd Holloway
MGMT275: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Senior Director of Data and Personalization Science, Nike
Director of Content Science & Algorithms, Netflix
Head of Data Science, Trulia


Compare strategies for leveraging AI across different industries, and building AI organizations for executing those strategies. Additionally, we’ll use both lectures and a group project to develop competency in machine learning technology, including what is and is not possible.

Guest Speakers:

  • Ganapathy (Krish) Krishnan, VP Data Science & Analytics, sweetgreen; Director, Data & Research Science, Amazon
  • Neama Dadkahnikoo, XPRIZE

Sunil Rajaraman
MGMT275: Product Management

Co-Founder and CEO,
CEO, The Bold Italic (acquired by Medium)


Learn how to take a product idea from concept to a first prototype. Using the Sprint method, you will design an interactive mockup of a product with your team.

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Rajan Patel, Head of AR Products, Google
    • Alif Khalfan, VP of Product, Walt Disney
    • Dipti Desai, Product Manager, Uber
    • Andrew Kritzer, Product Manager, Tableau
    • Jake Kring, Product Manager, Parrot QA
    • Ryan Dumlao, Product Manager, Adobe

John Blevins
MGMT275: Cloud Computing & Big Data

Managing Partner, Navigation Pointe
Management Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Senior Solution Specialist, Microsoft Corporation
Principle Consultant, Oracle


Understand how cloud computing technology is affecting the marketplace and consumer behavior. Secondary emphasis will be on how organizations can use these new technologies to their advantage, either through new product/service offerings or new organizational capabilities. The course is designed to learn managerial consumption of large data sets and understand how those results were produced in order to make data-driven decisions. We will discuss a framework for developing a data set, analyzing it, and generating meaningful insights. This framework will allow students to identify the opportunities, as well as perils that arise from the tsunami of data being produced.

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Jason Lee, Bain & Company
    • Antonio Lobato, Google
    • Ryan Waite, Microsoft
    • Kamlesh Talreja, Amazon Web Services

Jennifer McCaney
MGMT275: Healthcare Technology

Executive Director, UCLA Biodesign
Assistant Professor, UCLA DGSM

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Michael Pfeffer, MD, Chief Information Officer, UCLA Health
    • Ellen Pollack, RN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, UCLA Health
    • Brett Gailey, Director of Platform Infrastructure, Redox
    • May Noor, MD, Director, UCLA Mobile Stroke Program, UCLA Health
    • Nolan Chang, MD, Kaiser Permanente
    • Amanda Hauser, MPH, Director of Strategic Projects, Kaiser Permanente
    • Tim Wright, VP, Corporate and Market Strategy, InTouch Health
    • Charles Huang, CEO & Founder, Lynchpin
    • Omid Toloui, VP of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Anthem
    • Kevin Murphy, Chairman & CEO, Viscient Biosciences
    • Elliot Kotek, Founder & CEO, The Nation of Artists, Co-Founder, Not Impossible Labs
    • Kareem Ahmad, PhD, Staff Scientist, Illumina
    • Kevan Samiee, PhD, Director, Illumina
    • Justin Barad, MD, CEO & Co-founder, OssoVR
    • Brennan Spiegel, MD, Director, Cedars-Sinai Health Services Research
    • Matthew Stoudt, CEO, AppliedVR
    • Neil Sahota, Thought Leader Consultant, IBM Master Inventor, IBM Global Business Services
    • Megan Jones Bell, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Headspace
    • Nate Beyor, PhD, Partner, Digital Health BCG Digital Ventures
    • Gunnar Trommer, PhD, Principal, Digital Health BCG Digital Ventures
    • Melissa Agnello, PhD, Academic Partnerships Specialist, uBiome
    • Michael Hoaglin, MD, Clinical Lead / Medical Affairs, uBiom


Terry Kramer
MGMT241: Technology Management
MGMT 298D: Evolution & Innovation in the Global Mobile Industry

Faculty Director, Easton Technology Management Center

  • Nikki Katz, SVP, Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Experiences, Bank of America; former VP Technology, The Walt Disney Company
  • Barry Eggers, Founding Partner, Lightspeed Ventures
  • Todd Holloway, Former Director Content Science & Algorithms, Netflix
  • Kirk Dunn, former COO Cloudera, current Investor
  • Philippe Tartavull, Former CEO Mavenir (Comverse); former CEO Hypercom
  • Fumbi Chima, former CIO, Fox Networks, former CIO Burberry
  • Eric Loeb, EVP Government Affairs, Salesforce
  • John Chen, CEO, Blackberry

Michael Montgomery
MGMT275: Technological Innovations in Media and Entertainment

President, Montgomery & Co., LLC
CEO, Sega Gameworks
Partner, Dreamworks Animation
CFO, Euro Disney
Treasurer of Walt Disney Company


Guest Speakers:

  • Chris Trombetta (Senior Vice President – Strategy & Talent, Red Bull)
  • Sarah Harden (CEO, Hello Sunshine)
  • David Shadpour (CEO, Social Native)
  • Kevin Reilly (President of TBS and TNT and Chief Creative Officer, Turner)
  • Jarl Mohn (CEO, NPR)
  • Farhad Massoudi (CEO, Tubi)
  • Chris Hopper (Head of eSports - North America, Riot Games)
  • Robert Nashak (COO, Survios)