What is the Easton Technology Management Center?

The mission of the Easton Technology Management Center is to provide academic excellence and real world access and immersion to future technology leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed in diverse settings – from small starts to large global corporations.

What do you offer Anderson students?

We offer interactive workshops, speaker & panel events, and enrichment activities.

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Students specializing in Technology Management are eligible to receive the Easton Technology Management Certificate once they have completed a set of requirements. 

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What is the difference between the Easton Center and AnderTech?

The Easton Technology Management Center works very closely with AnderTech for various events and activities. The difference is that AnderTech is a student-run club, whereas the Easton Center provides the technology specilization at Anderson, geared towards creating tech leaders.

Am I eligible for any special benefits if I complete the requirements to receive the Easton certificate?

For students pursuing a career in technology, the Easton certificate will show potential employers your passion for the tech industry. Not only will you have an extra certificate to add to your resume, you will have a tangible validation of your passion for technology. You will also receive additional benefits in the program, such as first claim to priority enrollment seats in Mgmt 275 courses (and others). You will also have priority to be part of the Easton Industry Mentor Program which connects Easton students with industry professionals, allowing students to receive one-on-one guidance outside of a classroom setting.

How can I track my progress as I complete requirements for the certificate?

Once you submit your application, you will receive a link to a Google doc. This is where you can find all of the information you need for the certificate requirements, and most importantly, track your progress.

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Do you have to be a member of the Easton Center to attend workshops and events?

No, all Anderson students are welcome to attend Easton workshops and events. However, Easton students will receive priority.

What happens if I miss a workshop or event that I registered for?

Registering for a workshop or event is a firm committment to attend. If you miss a workshop or event you will have a strike on your record and may not be able to take advantage of all Easton offerings.

Are there fees associated with the Easton Center?

No, there are no fees to be part of the Easton Technology Management Center.

How can I find out about upcoming workshops and speaker/panel events?

All of the upcoming workshops and events are displayed on our calendar  Click here to access the Easton calendar

Who is Jim Easton?

James L. Easton graduated UCLA Engineering in 1959, after which he began working for his father at Easton Sports, the sporting equipment manufacturer. Easton has approached his business with the perspective of an engineer, a mechanical engineer to be precise. He knew the key to success would be to look into producing more products with the technical expertise and equipment the company already had perfected. And his constant pursuit of making the best performance and quality products — period — has made Easton a leader in nearly all sports where it competes.

A member of UCLA Anderson's board of visitors since 1988, he has been a generous benefactor to both the UCLA Anderson and the university. In recognition of his generosity, he was named one of the founding members of Entrepreneur's Hall at UCLA Anderson in 2005.

In 2008, James Easton donated funds to create the Easton Technology Leadership Program, to focus on the specific managerial and leadership needs of students with backgrounds and interests in engineering and technology. In 2015 the Eastons donated an additional $11 million to create the Easton Technology Management Center.

How do I apply to be an Easton Student?