Executive Speakers & Panels


The Easton Center invites professionals at the forefront of tech to discuss technology related topics based on their background and experiences.

Navigating Adversity to Achieve Successful Outcomes

This is a sobering time for humanity but never underestimate the value of persistence, 'compounding' and organic innovation--as an organization and as a leader

Jeetu Patel, SVP & General Manager of Security and Applications for Cisco (Incoming)

The Future of Innovation & Impact on the MBA Education

"The future of innovation is cross disciplinary, cross campus – – serving all shareholders: customers, employees and society"

Terry Kramer, Faculty Director for the Easton Center, in conversation with UCLA Anderson Dean Tony Bernardo

Technology-Based Disruptions: Leadership Imperatives

“There’s an opportunity to take a realistic inventory of yourself, your business, things around you and try to be eyes wide open about what’s going on and be willing to be flexible and adapt”

Mark Thomas ('10), Group Product Manager, Snap Inc.; Peter Trepp ('98), CEO & President, FaceFirst Face Recognition Software; and Lori Van Deloo ('98), Visiting Professor, UCLA Anderson

Technology & Society: Who Owns the Good and Bad Outcomes?

Values create value...Think through what are your values, that will become the culture that you drive. And it’s a conscious decision, make it a conscious priority

Eric Loeb, Executive VP Govt. Affairs, Salesforce

The Future of Work: From COVID-19 to Automation to Artificial Intellligence

“No matter what you do always find a way to engage in your civic life. Always find a way to be apart of your community…look for opportunities to use that MBA for civic life”

Eleni Kounalakis, California’s Lt. Governer of CA; Elana Zeide, PULSE Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law; and Matt Plummer, VP Product Strategy, ZipRecruiter

Asia's Future is Now: Collaboration with McKinsey Global Institute

Technology as a key driver of growth in Asia

Moderated by Terry Kramer (B.A. '82)

Cloud Based Innovations & the Impact on Enterprises and MBAs

"Whether that’s grit that you talk about, the desire to do all these different roles and the desire to associate with growth, do what’s necessary to grow"

Gayle Sheppard, Corporate VP, Microsoft Data Azure

Technology-Based Transformation in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

"Leapfrog innovation" is evident throughout China with mobile payments and 5G, and the role of data is massive in China

Moderated by Terry Kramer (B.A. '82)