Executive Speaker Series


Easton’s speaker series comprises quarterly events at which high-level professionals are invited to talk about specific technology related topics based on their background and experiences. Previous speakers have included: Vivek Sharma, SVP of Digital Guest Experience at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; Jim Miller, VP of Worldwide Operations at Google; Mark Goldin, CTO at Cornerstone On Demand; Peggy Delgadillo, SVP of Global Audience Marketing at SAP, and Darren Pleasance (’95), Director of Global Customer Acquisitions at Google.

Asia's Future is Now: Collaboration with McKinsey Global Institute

Moderated by Terry Kramer (B.A. '82)

Technology as a key driver of growth in Asia.

Technology-Based Transformation in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Moderated by Terry Kramer (B.A. '82)

“Leapfrog innovation” is evident throughout China with mobile payments and 5G, and the role of data is massive in China.

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer, Box

Disruption is changing everything. If you’re not disrupting, you’ll get disrupted. In the past, disruption occurred every 15 years. Now, every seven to 10 years business models shift because of disruption and changes in the competitive landscape.

Susan Crawford

Author, FIBER: The Coming Tech Revolution & Why America Might Miss It

The U.S. needs to invest in cheap, consistent, and reliable connectivity or we will not be the place that innovations and new companies come from.

John Chen

CEO, BlackBerry

Ravi Jacob ('84)

Corporate Vice President & Treasurer, Intel

Tech trends and Intel’s investments in start-ups.

David McCann

VP, Amazon Web Services

Vint Cerf

VP & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Darren Pleasance ('95)

Director Global Customer Acquisitions, Google

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Penny Delgadillo Valencia

SVP Global Audinece Marketing, SAP