Business and Information Technologies (BIT) is a network of research institutions studying the impacts of new and online information and communication technologies on business practices in various countries. It is led by researchers at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The study is following changes that are occuring in firms and industry sectors over an extended time horizon. The project was started in 2002 and has now grown to include 21 partners in 17 countries. A conference is held each year and three books have been published. The study consists of three major components:

  • A questionnaire-based survey conducted annually starting in 2003, targeted at senior information systems managers of organizational units (from private and public sectors) that make independent decisions on information and communication technology systems. The survey addresses business practices, the evolving workplace, changing organizational forms and technology adoption.
  • A GNP study to understand trade and labor issues.
  • Sector Studies conducted as case studies in specific sectors (entertainment-media, retail, financial services, healthcare) to understand changes with technoloy in the sector or to look at specific technologies (RFID) or certain business issues (business continuity).

The three components together present a complete picture. The surveys and GNP studies provide information on longitudinal and global trends; sector studies provide in-depth insight into specific sectors, technologies or business issues.


BIT Global Research Network receives grant from the Center for Global Management

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BIT Global Research Network receives grant from University of California's Industry-University Cooperative Research Program

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