Enrollment & Registration

2018 PROGRAM DATES: June 25 – August 3

Programs & Fees


The program fee includes the course unit fees and supplemental curricular activity fees. This program offers four tracks, all of which carry 8 quarter units of UC credit. Most courses that constitute Summer Business Institutes curricula charge an Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) fee.

Below is a summary of the program fees and other additional fees that may apply. Please note that the non-refundable deposit ($400 for international students, $150 for all others) required for registration prior to the payment deadline is not an additional fee and will apply toward your summer balance. All fees are subject to change without notice.

UC Undergraduate UC Graduate Visiting U.S. Visiting International
Program Fee
(same for all tracks)
$4,077 $4,621 $4,621 $5,061
IEI Fee $61* N/A $61* $61*
Document Fee $50** if (applicable)
Health Insurance Not Applicable $360
iStart@UCLA Fee Not Applicable $59

* Students without a bachelor's degree will be assessed this fee.

** If applicable, visit Registrar's website for additional information.

For further information please visit www.summer.ucla.edu/institutes/MEMES/feesandpayment

For visa information for international students, please visit www.summer.ucla.edu/institutes/MEMES/visa