John Wooden Global Leadership Awards

The Easton Technology Management Center & Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports Present:



NOVEMBER 16, 2018

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


About Big Data


Now in its fourth year, the annual UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Big Data Conference is a joint effort between the Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports (MEMES) and the Easton Technology Management Center. The conference focuses on how new technology platforms and access to data transform business practices and revolutionize industries. This one -day interactive event is one of the few conferences that approach the big data conversation from the business perspective. Hosting more than 500 attendees, at previous conferences we’ve explored audience engagement, the customer journey, innovation pathways, emerging technology trends and more.

This year’s theme for the conference is Impact. Throughout the day, we plan to focus more directly on how we use data to drive results. For example, what do business leaders do with data? How does it change the way we make decisions? What new business opportunities does tech enable? How can you use technology to better connect with your consumer and fend off external disruptions? What is the impact of technologies using voice, facial recognition, video and AR/VR? How are these trends affecting the future of work?

Please join us as we bring together a cross section of industry experts and academic thought leaders who are shaping and defining the conversation around the business aspects of big data in tech, entertainment and more.




• How has big data technology deployment disrupted businesses and entire sectors?

• What’s required to understand and prepare how to use my data for my business to stay competitive?

• Where is the big data conversation headed in various sectors?

• Do startups use big data differently than large global corporations?

• What big data solutions are available to enterprises? Which challenges remain to be solved?

• How far have we come since the early days of big data and when will businesses begin to see an impact from big data?

• How does a new technology involving voice or video play a key role in making big data and its insights more accessible to decision makers?

Whether you are providing technology solutions, using big data to make business decisions or thinking through how big data can make an impact in your organization, this is the one conference you need to attend!


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