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The CGM provides a variety of academic, immersion and experiential programs and engagement opportunities raising the student experience and ensuring that UCLA Anderson students are well-rounded global citizens.

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Business Language and Culture courses are available to MBA students during the winter and spring quarters

Specialization in Global Management

The Specialization in Global Management is available to students in the full-time and fully employed MBA programs, and Certificate in Global Management is available to students in the executive MBA program. The specialization instills the intellectual knowledge and cultural competencies students need to become well-rounded and well-informed global citizens. With opportunities to engage in academic and experiential programming, students can customize their academic preparation in global management and business, helping them to emerge from UCLA Anderson with a global management mindset and an intuitive grasp of managerial, operations and policy issues from a global perspective. Requirements are customized to the curriculum and opportunities available in each of the respective MBA programs, however all include certain course requirements, an international immersion experience as well as required attendance at a number of Global Management Speaker and Lecture Series events that provide students with global perspectives and insights on key emerging regions of the world.

Global Immersion Courses

Global Immersion courses, taught by UCLA Anderson faculty are four-unit elective courses that span two quarters and, while some courses focus primarily on doing business in other countries, others revolve around a central theme. The courses expose students to the country's economy, political environment, major industries and businesses, local culture, key historical events and the many aspects of conducting business outside the United States.  Courses include three classes on-campus classes, later followed by one week in-country for a blend of guest speakers, fireside chats, panel discussions, company and start-up visits, cultural activities and networking with alumni. Each course is a mix of approximately 40 students across degree programs. The courses provide a wonderful opportunity for students to meet and network, not just within sections and class years of their own degree program, but also among the different degree programs, and they gain many memorable experiences. Alumni are invited to join on a space available basis. 


FEMBA and EMBA International Exchange


For students in the fully employed and executive MBA programs. one-week exchanges conducive to working students' schedules are offered over the summer with international partner universities. 

Language and Culture for Business

Language courses have been offered at UCLA Anderson for more than two decades. A beginning-level elective course in "Spanish Language and Culture for Business," is offered through the CGM and designed specifically for business students. The course is available to full-time, fully employed and executive MBA students in the winter quarter, and a continuation course is offered during the spring quarter. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with Spanish language and culture at a practical level, focusing mainly on communicative proficiency, basic grammar and common vocabulary appropriate to daily scenarios, including informal and professional business settings. Given the strong correlation between language and culture, the course also introduces students to basic cultural understanding and business etiquette and provides role-playing opportunities for a variety of settings.

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