Develop a Global Perspective and Mindset


Customize your academic preparation in global management and business through a variety of on-campus and/or hybrid global management course offerings ranging from global macroeconomics to global supply chain, global payments and fintech and understanding the Asia-Pacific economies.

Course offerings vary each year. For a full list of projected courses offerings for the current academic year, please contact the Center for Global Management.

  • Global Macroeconomy

    Sebastian Edwards
    Henry Ford II Chair in International Management
    Christian Dippel
    Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management

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    Global Supply Chain Management

    Christopher S. Tang
    Edward W. Carter Chair in Business Administration
    Felipe Caro
    Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

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    International Business Strategy

    Mariko Sakakibara
    Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Chair in Corporate Renewal

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    Non-Market Risks - Understanding Politics and the Global Context for Doing Business

    Christine Loh
    Visiting Professor and Former Minister, Hong Kong SAR Government

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  • Global Trends

    Romain Wacziarg
    Hans Hufschmid Chair in Management and Professor of Economics

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    Global Payments and Fintech Innovation

    Lori Van Deloo
    Visiting Professor

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    Evolution and Innovation in the Global Mobile Industry

    Terry Kramer
    Adjunct Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

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    The COVID-19 Pandemic: Policy Responses and Implications for Business

    Sebastian Edwards
    Henry Ford II Chair in International Management

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Specialization in Global Management

The Specialization is offered to students in the full-time and fully employed MBA programs, and Certificate is available to students in the executive MBA program.

Spanish Language and Culture for Business Courses

A beginners and advanced beginners course are available to MBA students during the winter and spring quarters, respectively.


Language courses have been offered at UCLA Anderson for more than two decades. A beginning-level elective course, "Spanish Language and Culture for Business," is offered through the CGM and designed specifically for business students. The course is available to full-time, fully employed and executive MBA students in the winter quarter, and a continuation course is offered during the spring quarter. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with Spanish language and culture at a practical level, focusing mainly on communicative proficiency, basic grammar and common vocabulary appropriate to daily scenarios, including informal and professional business settings. Given the strong correlation between language and culture, the course also introduces students to basic cultural understanding and business etiquette and provides role-playing opportunities for a variety of settings.