Faculty & Research

Advancing the global research and course development efforts of UCLA Anderson faculty and students is at the core of the Center for Global Management’s mission. Research grants, academic conferences, a global management specialization curriculum and support of the field study programs across MBA programs are central to accomplishing the CGM's mission.

Faculty and Doctoral

At a research university such as UCLA, a highly effective means of increasing the global content of courses comes through support of the global research of faculty and Ph.D. and MBA students. The Center for Global Management provides seed funding to support UCLA Anderson faculty and doctoral students in developing global research and courses with business and management relevance that advance global management thinking and address global management and economic issues, international relations or issues of global/regional cooperation.

UCLA Anderson
Institutional Determinants of Global Venture Capital

Paul Momtaz, Ph.D. student in finance (entered 2017)

UCLA Anderson
How Much Does Your Boss Make? The Effects of Salary Comparisons

Ricardo Perez-Truglia, Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management

UCLA Anderson
Ethnicity, Preferences and Socioeconomic Outcomes

Romain Wacziarg, Professor of Economics, Hans Hufschmid Chair in Management

Global Access Program

The Global Access Program (GAP) is a six-month mandatory field study and the capstone expereince for the FEMBA program. It is a real-world consulting experience that challenges future MBAs to prove their ability to execute and bring structure to a company's international market expansion. All GAP projects carry a technology focus. Non-technology companies and not-for-profit organizations qualify based on how they plan to leverage technology for strategic communication or to implement their programs. Each team must write an investment-quality business plan, backed by a tremendous amount of primary and secondary research, to present to industry experts and investors at the end of the program in December each year.

Applied Management Research


The Applied Management Research (AMR) prorgam is the field study requirement for the full-time MBA program and serves as the capstone project for second-year students. The Center for Global Management supports projects that focus on global social enterprise and community impact to broaden students' awareness of issues facing entrepreneurial development within emerging markets.

MBA Research Assistants

To strengthen student engagement in the intellectual life of the school and faculty, in addition to supporting UCLA Anderson Ph.D. students, the CGM funds MBA students to serve as research assistants to work with faculty on their global research projects, case studies and course development, as well as to support UCLA Anderson's executive programs abroad.