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Frequently Asked Questions

Assets Digital: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Assets Digital?

To download the Assets Digital app, you must have an iTunes account. Assets Digital was developed for the iPad, so this is the platform the app will function on. To download, go to: http://tinyurl.com/AssetsDigital or go to the Apple app store and search for UCLA Anderson Assets Magazine.

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What if I don't have an iPad? How can I read Assets on my other tablet and mobile devices?

While the full app is only available for the iPad, you can read all Assets stories on our mobile-friendly website: www.anderson.ucla.edu/assets. This site will allow you to read Assets stories on your mobile or tablet device, as well as your computer.

Is Assets Digital free?

Yes, Assets Digital is free to download from Apple's app store at: http://tinyurl.com/AssetsDigital

I can see the cover and hear the music, but I am having trouble getting to the next story.

When you download the app and then download the first issue, the app opens each page as it downloads. Just give it some time to finish downloading (a minute) and then you can swipe through to the rest of the stories.

Why is it taking so long to download?

We are bringing to you the best way to experience your alumni magazine. To deliver that experience, we are using the highest quality pictures and video possible. Due to the large nature of these files, it will take a bit more time to download to your iPad. Sit tight, we promise it'll be worth it!

Also, you might have lost WiFi connection or lost your 3G/4G connection. Please check to make sure the internet strength is still operating strongly.

My iPad says that I don't have enough space. What should I do?

You are all full! You need to delete some of your apps to make more space. To confirm, go to Settings > General > Usage and you'll see how much space is available.

To delete unused apps, go to the home screen and press down on any icon. They'll all start wiggling! Tap on the black X in the corner to delete apps from your device.

Will UCLA Anderson still send out a print version of Assets?

At this time, there are no plans to continue printing Assets. We feel that the flexibility offered to us through the Assets Digital app gives us greater opportunity to innovate and reach a broader audience.

Is there a difference between the iPad app and the website version of Assets?

Yes, the iPad version features interactive content, graphics and animation. It is the best way to experience Assets, however all stories are also on the website: www.anderson.ucla.edu/assets.

Do I have to be online to read a digital edition of Assets Digital?

Once you have downloaded the iPad app, you will not need to be connected to the internet to read Assets Digital. In order to link out through the hotlinks within the app, you will need an internet connection.

How do I read class notes?

You can access class notes through the Alumni Hub page in the iPad magazine. Or, you can go directly to: http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/x44572.xml Class notes are password protected.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email the Assets Digital team at: assets@anderson.ucla.edu or call: 310.825.6122. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

I want to suggest a story for a future issue. Who do I talk to?

Send an email to: assets@anderson.ucla.edu. We receive many story suggestions and will evaluate each against the editorial guidelines of Assets Digital. We will contact you if our editorial team is interested in exploring your suggestion further.

Can I get back issues on my device?

Assets has gone from a paper format to a completely digital one. Issues prior to December 2012 are all in paperback format. At this point, we do not have plans to digitize prior issues. Please email assets@anderson.ucla.edu to request a back issue.

How frequently will Assets Digital be published?

Three times a year for now. The next issue will be published in March 2013.