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Getting a Head Start on Management

UCLA Anderson is celebrating a 20-year partnership with Johnson & Johnson. Conducted by the school’s Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the partnership began with the Head Start Management Fellows Program, which provides leadership training for Head Start directors from across the nation. Over time, the suite has expanded to four programs, including one for leaders of health care organizations in Africa. Complete article >


A Chance to Stand and Deliver

The Riordan Programs, which employ a pioneering outreach model that promotes careers in management, are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Focusing on high school and college students and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities, the programs help prepare participants for admission to top universities, using education, mentorship, job development and leadership training. Complete article >


Q and Anderson

From the varied experience of his diverse career, Peter V. Ueberroth, recipient of the 2011 John Wooden Global Leadership Award, shares his thoughts on leadership. Complete article >


The Business Value of Doing Good

A roundtable conversation with UCLA Anderson experts, drawn from the faculty and alumni of the school, focuses on corporate social responsibility. Given the still lackluster economy and more limited resources to devote to philanthropic causes, they consider the current state of pro-social activity and what the future may hold. They also weigh in on the challenges and benefits organizations may encounter in their effort to be good citizens of the global community. Complete article >


Our Man for All Seasons

Celebrating the legacy of its namesake, UCLA Anderson School of Management remembers John E. Anderson. Inspired by his own words, a tribute article details some of the many accomplishments and contributions of his extraordinary life. Complete article >

Powering the Flight of Ideas

Andy Smith (MBA ’97) shares information from his book, “The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Social Change.” Understanding how to use this complex new set of tools can be a valuable skill for influencing others to engage in any cause either personal or professional. Complete article >

Implementing a Career Action Plan

The third and final installment in the Getting to the Top series focuses on developing a blueprint for career success and putting your strategies in motion. Emphasis is placed on gaining experience, exposure and education to acquire and enhance the skills needed for advancement. Complete article >

Pioneering Social Entrepreneurship

Keith Cernak (MBA ’84) has used his business skills and health care knowledge to improve the well-being of those most in need worldwide. After taking on issues like domestic violence and breast cancer awareness, his latest in a long line of related campaigns is the provision of clean drinking water to the poor in remote areas of the globe. Complete article >

The Results of Action

Beginning when they were still students, a group of UCLA Anderson graduates from 2011 created KarmaGoat, an online marketplace where the proceeds of all sales go to the charity designated by the seller. Conceived as a way to pass on belongings that are no longer of use to the owner and do a good deed for someone in need at the same time, the first sale of an iPod purchased a goat for a family in Africa. Complete article >

A Driving Force for Doing Good

During their second year at UCLA Anderson, a group of recent alumni took on an independent study project aimed at understanding and encouraging early adoption of electric vehicles. The result was a report for the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles that will be used to help plan the next phase of strategy for energy efficiency. Complete article >

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