Email Lists Content and Usage Guidelines

UCLA Anderson alumni email lists are provided as a service to alumni, students, faculty and staff to help facilitate the communication and networking that foster lifelong connections among the school, its students and alumni worldwide. We encourage you to use them to share ideas, solicit advice and strengthen relationships.





  • Use good judgment. If you would not want to receive a message, don’t send it.
  • Appropriate topics for email list posts include:
    • Official UCLA Anderson announcements and school news
    • Events of particular interest to alumni
    • Job postings
    • Requests for advice or referrals
    • Promotional offers of particular interest to alumni
    • Business development opportunities
  • While announcements about alumni businesses or business opportunities, including requests for assistance or promotions are acceptable, the email lists should NOT be used for repetitive advertising.
  • Please refrain from using email lists to solicit funds for any type of business venture, campaign, or miscellaneous project. For fundraising efforts consider using social media platforms instead.
  • In general, do not send charitable solicitations or political/government agendas (except to the list “politics.alumni”).
  • Be sensitive to cultural, religious, racial, and gender issues that could be misinterpreted by others.
  • Offer comments that are collegial in tone, without unprofessional behavior or hostility towards others. Libel (written information intended to harm another person's reputation) and slander (falsely spoken information which damages another) are prohibited.


  • Email list discussions are meant to stimulate conversation, not to create contention. Differences of opinion should be expressed in a professional manner.
  • Subscribers are prohibited from taking individual subscriber emails or email list addresses and populating their own contact databases or marketing campaigns with those emails, without first obtaining permission to do so from the individual.
  • When people ask for referrals, don't cc the person/company you are referring on your response - it obliges the person asking for referrals to follow up with someone/company they might not want to talk with.
  • If an email does not interest you, simply delete it. Avoid sending annoyed or snarky responses, especially to the whole group.
  • If you believe that an abuse has occurred or someone has posted a critical response: ignore it, email them directly, or email Do not reply all or send an email to the email list.
  • Access to the lists is a privilege, not a right. Members who are repeatedly in violation of these guidelines may be removed from one or more email lists temporarily or permanently.
Have questions? Contact us at or at 1-800-333-ALUM