From Zero to One - Starting a New Business for the 4th Time! Optional 30 mins Networking afterward

Friday, September 25, 2020
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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Contact: Selwyn Miller (805) 795-3913
Organizer: Ventura


Event Description

In January, when I met Joe McGee, serial entrepreneur, my first impression was how nothing was likely to daunt him.  That's lucky, since 2020 has been bad enough to daunt many people!

So hear how this serial entrepreneur is launching his LATEST venture.  He'll give you his thoughts about market evaluation, customer and product development in the earliest days of building a software company.  And he'll tell you his tactics to start a NewCo during a global pandemic.

Joe plans to periodically update us on his real-world progress!

3 things you’ll learn:
-How to think about building software in a new normal: WFH
-How to evaluate market opportunities in a post-COVID world.
-How to approach fundraising for a new business.

Optional 30 minute Networking in breakouts afterward

There will be 30 minute breakouts afterward for networking and to discuss what the speaker said (optional).

Joe McGee grew up in San Diego. Got his Fairfield University marketing degree, and an MBA from San Diego State.  He's a 3x founder. After 6 years since founding, he sold his last company returning 10x capital back to early investors.

His next venture?  A fintech application in the supply chain or logistics space.