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Melanie Stricklan

Melanie is responsible for the technical vision and strategy of the company to revolutionize data exploitation for defense and commercial applications. She possesses a unique blend of leadership and technical expertise in combat operations and innovative space system development garnered from her time in the Department of Defense. Melanie is retired from the United States Air Force where she was responsible for Space Control and Battle Management integration across mission areas to increase the Nation’s ability to protect and defend space capabilities against emerging threats. As well, during her 21-year career in the Department of Defense she logged over 1500 flight hours onboard the E-8C JSTARS, and led the development and deployment of experimental spacecraft, electronic warfare and cyber technologies. Melanie is a champion for STEM initiatives and enjoys inspiring under privileged youth and young women to pursue their dreams. Melanie holds a Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a M.S. in Space Systems Operations Management with an emphasis in Systems Engineering from Webster University.