Relive Alumni Weekend 2012


Missed out on the Conference?! Watch or relive the conference here. 

This day-long Conference delivered new ideas on the world of business and the opportunities that lie ahead. UCLA Anderson alumni and their business-leader counterparts delved into the business model of companies that are "doing good", as well as companies addressing the issue of healthcare today. Dean Judy Olian shared the State of the School with us, and Ed Leamer presented the Economic Forecast.

"A View of Today's Marketplace"

Jim Moffatt '87, Chairman & CEO, Deloitte Consulting 

As the world's largest management consulting firm, Deloitte Consulting helps organizations provide value by working closely with clients to identify and address their fundamental issues to create a lasting impact. Alumnus Jim Moffatt, US leader of this organization, will share his perspectives on today's marketplace, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 



"FInancial Access at Birth"

Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry 

Financial Access at Birth -- is a program developed by  Professor Chowdhry. It is a social and economic innovation that seeks financial inclusion. Financial inclusion is defined as is a state in which all people who can use them have access to a full suite of quality financial services, provided at affordable prices, in a convenient manner, and with dignity for the clients. Financial services are delivered by a range of providers, most of them private, and reach everyone who can use them, including disabled, poor, and rural populations. The aim of Financial Access at Birth is to do something about the fact that half of the world's population has no access to mainstream financial services. This is a huge handicap , exposing people who are typically already on the poverty line to risks that wealthier people can manage through savings or insurance. This FAB initiative is the brainchild of Professor Chowdhry, and it has attracted some prominent supporters, including Peter Singer, a well-known philosopher , and Vijay Mahajan, an Indian social entrepreneur.  

"Producing 'Act of Valor'; An insider's perspective on the partnership with Hollywood & the US Navy SEALs"

Duncan Smith '92, Captain, US Navy SEALs

"Doing Good While Doing Business" Panel

Dale Partridge, Chief World Changer, Sevenly  
Father Greg Boylefounder, HomeBoy Industries
Christine Cardace Sullivan '94, Regional VP, Revolution Foods

"The State of Healthcare from Various Vantage Points"

Jay Gellert, President & CEO, Health Net, Inc.
Kathy E. Magliato '06, MD, MBA, FACS, President of the Board, American Heart Association - Greater Los Angeles Division; Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Saint John's Health Center
Shannon O'Kelley, COO, UCLA Healthsystems 
Stan Stead '05, President & CEO, Stead Health Group (moderator)  

"The State of the School"
 Dean Judy Olian

An update on the school from Dean Judy Olian.  

Economic Forecast Presentation: "A Troubled Economy and a Desperate Need for Leadership"

Edward E. Leamer, Chauncey J. Medberry Professor of Management Professor of Economics and Professor of Statistics
Where is the recovery? Where are the jobs hiding? Where are the home buyers? Where is our mojo? Wall Street, K-Street, or Main Street? 


The classes of '77, '82, '87, '92, '97, '02 and '07 celebrated their respective reunions in a weekend filled with renewed friendships, great content, and new contacts.

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