Gary Ryals

Gary Ryals | "Inspirational 100" Alumnus


Gary Ryals, EMBA 2008
Frontline Anderson Leader

Gary RyalsWhen Lieutenant Commander Gary Ryals interviewed for Anderson's executive MBA program in 2006, he did so on a secure phone line from his command center in Baghdad, Iraq.  During his first year in the program, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement during his 2005-2006 Iraq tour. While at Anderson, he emerged as a leadership mentor to his peers and was selected to be the class commencement speaker.  A decorated veteran with 18 years of service as a Navy SEAL, Ryals most recently returned from Afghanistan, where he led 21 combat missions as the Commander of the SEAL Task Force for Southern Afghanistan, served on the Afghan Provincial Governor's Security Council, and earned a nomination for his second Bronze Star.  Ryals currently serves as the Executive Officer of SEAL Team One in Coronado, CA.  In addition, he recently established a consulting practice that provides training in team building and leadership development to individuals and corporations in the high tech and medical fields.


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