First Day Words from Dean Bernardo

Although I have been at Anderson for 25 years, today is an important beginning as I take on the dean role. I want to mark this beginning by expressing my gratitude and deep pride in our school and our community. I particularly want to thank Al Osborne for his generous service to the school as interim dean; few people have worked as tirelessly and thoughtfully on Anderson’s behalf.

It will take some time and deliberation to chart the path ahead for Anderson, but I look forward to working on it together as a community. During the next few months, I will be doing a lot of listening to learn what your ideas and ambitions are for our school and for yourselves. While I have my own personal perspective, I intend to broaden it into an understanding and set of goals that we all share. I hope you will each feel free to reach out to me with your own perspectives, ideas, convictions and concerns as we build that shared understanding.

I will do my utmost to serve as dean openly, fairly and effectively. I am wholly committed to UCLA’s mission as a public university and to Anderson’s opportunity to positively impact Los Angeles and the wider world around us. UCLA Anderson is a strong institution, and I am honored to serve now as dean. I am confident in our future, and the great things we will accomplish together!

Thank you for your support.


Dean Antonio Bernardo
E. Anderson Chair in Management