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During the campaign, we raised over $50 million of our $80 million goal for student fellowships to compete for and support the best students. The quality of a top business school is measured by the quality of its students. We must continue to attract the brightest students, who are facing the ever-rising cost of tuition.

The Best and Brightest Students Fellowships help us compete against other top schools.

The Best and Brightest Students

Fellowships help us compete against other top schools

$50 Million
$80 Million
Double Your Impact
Support Our Future Leaders


the number of fellowships offered to students


the rising cost of tuition and living expenses


the debt burden carried by 59 percent of students

Outstanding students from all backgrounds create a vibrant learning culture, advance scholarly values, inspire and challenge the faculty and in turn become the draw for the next generation of outstanding students. They graduate to become our society’s future — business, community and government leaders who shape our world. This cycle is the essential driver of an outstanding education and a world-class educational institution.

“ The differentiator between other top schools and Anderson is not their career opportunities or their faculty — it’s their financial resources. It’s time we even the playing field. Fortunately, I found a family at Anderson that invested so much into me — it’s a moral obligation that I give back. ”

Zubin Davar (B.A. '09, MBA '15)

Product and Partnerships Marketing Manager,

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"Merit-based fellowships allow us to compete with other top business schools for talented applicants" says Associate Dean Rob Weiler ('91), who oversees admissions for the full-time program.

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Ensure Excellence

Ensure the future excellence of an Anderson education by attracting the most talented students


Increase the average financial award so reduce the debt burden on our students

Endow a Fellowship

grow the resources to compete for top students in perpetuity