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During the campaign, we raised over $78 million of our $45 million goal for our programs and initiatives. Our centers of excellence embody our Into the Next philosophy and mind-set. They link students, alumni and industry through strategic, purposeful engagement that is relevant and focused.

Centers of Excellence

Prepare students for 21st-century careers

$73 Million
$45 Million
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Our centers must be financially self-supporting. While we have exceeded our $45 million fundraising goal, our need for support continues to offer an enhanced curriculum, experiential learning, innovative research and industry outreach.
Elevate our Centers of Excellence


specialized curriculum


connections with industry


real-world experiences


cutting-edge faculty research

UCLA Anderson is home to nine specialized centers and initiatives that support faculty research, curriculum development and real-world experiences. They provide valuable opportunities for continuing education and interaction among scholars, students and industry leaders. Center programs make our students marketable and relevant to industry.

Our centers are on a path to a financially self-supporting model. They rely on programming and philanthropic support to flourish.

Centers Facts
How You Can Make an Impact
Be part of the dialogue — drive our centers ahead of the curve. Let us provide an avenue for you to remain connected to industry through UCLA Anderson. Your expertise and knowledge are invaluable in helping elevate the caliber of the school. Prepare our students to understand, succeed in and shape the complex world of global business.


Endow a center or curriculum specialization


Support experiential learning, field studies and global immersions


Sponsor student conferences, hack-a-thons and case competitions


Fund innovative faculty research


Name a speaker series

“ We saw UCLA Anderson as the perfect place to help tackle the problem of raising leaders who are as savvy about science and technology as they are about business and management. ”

James L. Easton (B.S. ’59)
Chairman, Jas. D. Easton Inc.
Phyllis Easton
Easton Technology Management Center Board
UCLA Anderson Board of Advisors
Naming Benefactors, Easton Technology Management Center
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