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Your Legacy Is the Future of Business Leadership.

Double your impact by supporting

The Anderson Leadership Giving Challenge

Gifts of $250,000 to $1.5 million to new or existing endowed funds supporting student
fellowships or faculty will be matched 100 percent.

Details for Donors
  • $20 million in matching funds is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Eligible gifts of $250,000 to $1.5 million must be new and be in cash or pledged to an endowed fund — no estate gifts.
  • Pledges are payable over five years.
  • The match will be activated when the pledge is complete.
  • The Anderson Leadership Giving Challenge ends when all matching funds are committed.
  • Merit-based fellowships, faculty chairs, and Ph.D. and research support are all eligible for the match.
  • Gifts may be designated to a preferred, named endowed fellowship.
  • Corporate gifts are eligible, but matching funds from corporations are not.
  • Match may not be used in conjunction with other matches; e.g., Chancellor’s Match.
Establish your legacy while advancing UCLA Anderson.
Your gift to endowment will help us reach a new level of excellence
and influence by investing in these priorities:

  • To prepare our graduates to be innovative, ethical leaders
  • To empower our faculty to undertake insightful and groundbreaking research
  • To advance the public good here in Los Angeles and far beyond
A Community of Benefactors
Your endowed gift for fellowships and faculty support establish a legacy of leadership that you can be sure will drive the evolution in global business education.

Join The Anderson Leadership Giving Challenge and become part of a community of benefactors who are critical in creating lasting value for Anderson students and alumni. Gifts of $250,000 to $1.5 million to new or existing endowed funds supporting student fellowships or faculty will be matched 100 percent.


Thank you for your interest in championing students and faculty at the Anderson School of Management.
UCLA Anderson Fundraising Facts
The Anderson Leadership Giving Challenge is made possible through the generous support of our esteemed benefactor, Marion Anderson. Marion designated a portion of her historic $100 million gift as a match to incentivize alumni and friends of UCLA Anderson to specifically support faculty and students.

The Best and Brightest Students Fellowships help us compete against other top schools.

The Best and Brightest Students

We have raised $35 million of our $80 million campaign goal, with 12 months still remaining in the campaign.

$35 Million
$80 Million
Faculty attract and retain leading scholars and teachers.


We have raised $17 million toward our $60 million faculty support campaign goal.

$17 Million
$60 Million
Our Priorities

A Special Emphasis on Fellowships

  • We must compete for the best students.
  • The quality of an institution is largely measured by the quality of its students.
  • A reduction in GMAT test takers, coupled with a decline in business school students, leads to a flight to the top schools, increasing competition for the best students.
  • We must offset tuition increases (tuition has increased from $41,000 to $64,000 in just the past six years).
  • A strong job market means a higher opportunity cost for graduate school, leading to fewer students.
  • Employers are no longer footing the bill for graduate school; students must pay their own way.
  • We must build our endowment in order to provide greater financial assistance.

Our Faculty Is Our Differentiation

  • Compete for top academic talent (many tenured faculty will be retiring within the next five years; we plan to recruit 10 new faculty over the next two years)
  • Support expanding faculty needs due to new degree programs and faculty retirements
  • Preserve our intellectual capital and critical link to alumni
  • Enhance our vanguard research reputation and industry relevance
  • Lead innovations in teaching