Success Stories


Sana Rahim (FEMBA ’19)

Unhappiness Should Never Be a Way of Life

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Diamon Lockett (FEMBA '18)

Innovator Diamon Lockett is part of the Italia Innovation Program, an initiative engaging the world in innovation of the Italian economy. Read More

Datra Oliver (FEMBA '18)

John Wooden Global Leadership fellow Datra Oliver (FEMBA '18) has covered some ground since growing up in the Bahamas Read More

Jovanna Youssef (’16)

Jovanna Youssef said she thrived at a school with a female dean, the leading b-school women's conference and a female student body president. Watch Video

Julia Ritchie (FEMBA ’17)

Somehow she finds the time to manage the sales operations department for McMaster Carr and devotes time to Snowriders International, all while fulfilling the responsibilities of UCLA Anderson’s FEMBA program. Learn More

Sandy Tesch Wilkins ('15)

Arcing toward social justice, Sandy Tesch Wilkins takes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words to heart. Learn More

Lucerna Huayanay (’17)

“One of the main reasons I chose UCLA Anderson was the diversity of its student body,” blogged admit Lucerna Huayanay on arrival in Los Angeles from Peru.
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Fernanda Alves ('16)

Pursuing a career in consulting and enjoying a tight-knit group of classmates, Fernanda Alves says that between Los Angeles and her native Brazil, she has the best of both worlds. Watch Video

Marta Gazzera Ferro ('99)

It’s all about relationships for president of philanthropic consulting group Starfish Impact Marta Gazzera Ferro — who employs fellow Anderson grads. Learn More

Virginia Tancioco (M.D./MBA ’16)

John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Virginia Tancioco puts health literacy in the hands of mothers. Learn More

Tiffany Cantrell FEMBA ('16)

"I’d Like to Maximize Good": John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Tiffany Cantrell drives change in community health care. Learn More

Naomi Reynolds FEMBA ('17)

Student Veteran Naomi Reynolds translates lessons from the classroom into duties as a naval officer. Learn More

Nasim Afsar-Manesh FEMBA (’17)

Clinician and health care administrator Nasim Afsar-Manesh is committed to building thriving and sustainable systems of care. Learn More

Amy Castillo, FEMBA ('09)

Amy Castillo shares how her support team at Anderson helped her work through business school and her job while becoming a new mother.

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Shilpy Gupta, FEMBA ('14)

From biomedical engineering to leadership development to cake decorating, Shilby Gupta talks about how Anderson helped her secure four job offers — while making lifelong connections.

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Jessica Kimball ('15)

Jessica Kimball entered UCLA Anderson to take her college consulting business to a new level — and has grown in other ways, too.

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Leslie Kwoh ('15)

Leslie Kwoh describes how she switched from journalism to brand management in less than a year.

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Ya-Ting Leaf ('15)

Ya-Ting Leaf exemplifies what the military brings to our school: passion, dedication and humility.

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Jordanna Mora, FEMBA ('15)

Jordanna Mora is a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor with entrepreneurial drive and a commitment to service.

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Lindsay Shaffer ('15)

Lindsay Shaffer strives to bring diversity to Anderson while she pursues her dream job.

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Jennifer ('17) and Chris ('12) Roks

These Air Force Academy graduates and busy parents will also soon be a two-FEMBA family.

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Danielle Marshall

Air Force vet Danielle Marshall reboots at Anderson’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV).

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Nicole àBeckett, FEMBA (’15)

The president of Mercatura Global and John Wooden Global Leadership fellow champions women’s roles in international trade.

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Elizabeth Pratt, MBA/MPP (’16)

John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Elizabeth Pratt (MBA/MPP ’16) thinks fearlessly about service in the wider world.

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Sheeva Sairafi, FEMBA (’15)

Sheeva Sairafi is an entreprenuer and winner of the Wolfen Spirit Award.

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Vanessa Burbano, Ph.D. ('14)

With a professional background as a strategy consultant to for-profit and nonprofit clients, Vanessa Burbano conducts research at the intersection of business and society to study how firms benefit by practicing corporate social responsibility.

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Elizabeth Webb, Ph.D. ('14)

Elizabeth Webb's current research formulates hypotheses to explain why consumers are most likely to engage in the "matching domain risks" they have taken previously (whether financial, ethical, health-related) rather than embark on a new kind of risk.

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Nasim Afsar-Manesh, FEMBA ('17)

Nasim Afsar-Manesh is a FEMBA candidate at UCLA Anderson. She performs a variety of roles, including chief quality officer for Department of Medicine at UCLA Health, mother and student. Read Blog

Cassie Mogilner Holmes

UCLA Anderson Professor Cassie Holmes is on the pursuit of helping others find happiness.

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Ariella Herman

“School readiness begins with health,” says Ariella Herman, research director of UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute — which secured a $4.1 million grant to expand its health literacy training program to America’s most underserved children and families. Learn More

Suzanne Shu

Tontines: They’re sleazy, totally illegal, and Suzanne Shu says they could become the future of retirement. Learn More

Magali Delmas

Magali Delmas’ new app measures air quality — as well as what really motivates green behavior. Learn More

Margaret Shih

Margaret Shih advanced to senior associate dean for both the MBA and FEMBA programs for her innovation in developing alternative timelines for FEMBA and exploring support structures to facilitate more diverse applications and enrollments. Learn More

Magali Delmas

Magali Delmas found that that those working for environmentally responsible companies are more productive than their non-sustainable counterparts — which is motivating employers to provide a greener workplace. Learn More

Jennifer Whitson

What persuades people to imagine patterns where there aren’t any? Jennifer Whitson’s inquiries into illusory and accurate pattern perception will feature in a forthcoming documentary that explores the psychology of belief. Learn More

Elisa Long

Elisa Long tackles the controversial question of whether genetic testing of all women for breast cancer is worth the cost. Learn More

Corinne Bendersky

Is there such a thing as too much talent? Corinne Bendersky found that when status conflicts hurt group performance, the answer is yes. Learn More

Magali Delmas

Organic wines actually do taste better, according to a thorough collaborative study by Magali Delmas. Learn More

Carla Hayn

Dean of the EMBA and GEMBA for Asia Pacific programs Carla Hayn emphasizes the importance of engaging nonprofit partners worldwide in Anderson global immersion field study projects. Learn More

Gayle Northrop

Anderson lecturer and faculty advisor Gayle Northrop persuades entrepreneurs that, in addition to profit, people and planet need to be acknowledged in the early stages of a business launch.

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Corinne Bendersky

Associate Professor of HR and Organizational Behavior Corinne Bendersky's research study shows status conflicts can hurt task group performance.

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Andrea Eisfeldt

Professor of Finance Andrea Eisfeldt receives the Smith Breeden Prize for published work on the effect of organization capital on asset prices.

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Paola Giuliano

Assistant Professor of Economics Paola Giuliano finds links between the macroeconomic shocks of the recession and people's stronger preference for government redistribution.

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Janessa Shapiro

Social psychologist and Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Jenessa Shapiro earns the SAGE Young Scholars Award for early-career research.

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Margaret Shih

Margaret Shih, FEMBA senior associate dean and professor of management and organizations, answers questions about her journey to Anderson and current commitments to research, FEMBA, students and family. Learn More

Suzanne Shu

Associate Professor Suzanne Shu investigates people's delayed consumption of enjoyable activities to find out why we postpone indulgence.

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Anke Audenaert

Adjunct Professor Anke Audenaert is a digital marketing expert and co-founder of Favrit, an app that bookmarks your favorite places and organizes them so they're easy to find and share with your friends.

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Magali Delmas

Magali Delmas, Anderson professor of management and the UCLA Institute of the Environment, won the inaugural Research Impact on Practice Award for a study showing the value to companies adopting green practices.

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Janis Forman

Janis Forman is founder and director of Anderson's Management Communication Program and an award-winning author who helps executives learn the craft of storytelling to advance their organizational objectives.

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Andrea Wade ('96)

Anderson's director of alumni programming and events walks her talk as she helps alumni tap into the lifelong value of their MBA.

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Susan Dearing

With 80 percent of all executive-level jobs never advertised, says EMBA executive director Susan Dearing, coaching Executive MBAs is changing character. Learn More

Lucy Allard, GEMBA ('06)

Lucy Allard is a 2006 alumna of the UCLA-NUS GEMBA for Asia Pacific Program who traveled the world before being named executive director of our UCLA Anderson's Center for Global Management.
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Jill Baldauf (BA '79, MBA '81)

One of Anderson's "Inspirational 100" alumni, Jill Baldauf was named associate dean of alumni relations in 2014.

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Kim Freeman ('02)

Kim Freeman returned to Anderson in 2014 as assistant dean for diversity initiatives and community relations with a goal to build an inclusive culture among students, faculty and staff.

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Elaine Hagan ('91)

This "Inspirational 100" alumna is also executive director of the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

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Norberta Noguera ('01)

Norberta Noguera ('01), VP of Security and Advanced Applications for AT&T, embraces every part of who she is, in the Connections interview

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Cynthia Owyoung ('01)

Breaking Glass Forums founder Cynthia Owyoung ('01) leads diversity and inclusion initiatives in tech

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Malika Anderson ('04)

Malika Anderson ('04) is making a difference in Tennessee K-12 as superintendent of Achievement School District

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Dr. Christina Waters ('08)

Founder of nonprofit RARE Science Dr. Christina Waters ('08) joined the Innovation Institute's Innovation Lab

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Kate Cochran (’97)

Kate Cochran ('97) recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit that creates jobs for the poorest of the poor.

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Katy Dickson ('92)

Katy Dickson ('92) is bringing positive purposeful play to girls as president of American Girl.

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Vicki Liao ('11)

Entertainment industry pro Vicki Liao ('11) reengages with Anderson as she commits to prosocial causes.

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Shreena Grewal ('16)

Dessert entrepreneur Shreena Grewal ('16) shared her top 4 tips for launching a sweet enterprise.

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Mary Harvey (’98)

Olympic athlete Mary Harvey (’98) represents a first in women's soccer.

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Zee Hanson (EBV)

Battle-tested Air Force veteran Zee Hanson champions neurodiversity.

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Deborah Chew ('15)

With Project Happy Feet, executive Deborah Chew ('15) leaves footprints of change throughout Asia.

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Eunice Cho ('14)

Eunice Cho ('14) had nothing to wear, so she created AELLA.

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Angelica Gutierrez (Riordan Fellow '06, Ph.D. ’12)

Diversity researcher Angelica Gutierrez (Ph.D. ’12) was recognized with the Riordan Programs' Excellence in Civil Engagement Award.

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Sheeva Sairafi ('15)

Anderson's Entrepreneur Association profiled Local + Lejos founder Sheeva Sairafi ('15) as entrepreneur of the month.

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Susan Schroeder (’88)

This alumna asks (and answers) the question, What do you know about executive compensation within a family business?

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Kelsey Doorey ('13)

When she Vowed to Be Chic, Kelsey Doorey didn't know she'd be featured as a P&Q 2016 Top 100 MBA Startup. Learn MoreMore Stories

Gunit Bedi ('09)

For FEMBA alumna Gunit Bedi of UBS Financial Services, sharing success means an ongoing relationship with both Anderson and the community at large. Learn More

Stephanie Bohn ('03)

Warner Bros. Digital VP of marketing Stephanie Bohn pulled from her MBA playbook when she took action against what could be the first curable brain disorder. Learn More

Shannon Kung ('15))

"I like to think of my life as a garden; and, while I get to decide which seeds to plant, mentors have given me invaluable advice on how to achieve the tastiest vegetables." Learn More

Alejandra Campoverdi (Riordan Fellow '05)

Riordan Fellow Alejandra Campoverdi recalls the roots of her passion for public service. Learn More

Ashley Merrill (FEMBA '15)

Working literally in her jammies, founder of sleepwear company Lunya Ashley Merrill started a business and a family simultaneously, and enrolled as a member of Anderson’s first FEMBA Flex cohort. Watch Video Learn More

Angelica Gutierrez (Riordan Fellow '06), (PhD '12)

Looking for a role model? Meet Angelica Gutierrez, Riordan Fellow and one of Poets & Quants' Best 40 Under 40 Professors of 2015. Learn More

Sandi Matsumoto ('02)

Associate director for California’s water program Sandy Matsumoto is shaping the future of environmental work. Learn More

Nathalie Hoffman (EMBA '04)

Founder and CEO of Brazil Business Link Nathalie Hoffman says, "Never be afraid to try something to find out what you love to do." Learn More

Beejal Shah (MFE '15)

MFE student Beejal Shah warmly salutes her graduating class and shows that integrity, humility and perseverance are rewarded with success. Learn More

Lonnie Ali ('86)

Lonnie Ali, recipient of the 2015 John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award, has waged humanitarian initiatives that set the bar a little higher for everyone. Learn More

Malika Anderson

Malika Anderson took the helm of Tennessee’s turnaround school district. Learn More

Monique Jones

Following an early interest in the music industry, VP of finance Monique Jones got reeled in by film. Learn More

Martine Rothblatt ('81)

As founder of Sirius XM and United Therapeutics, an artificial intelligence expert, a transgender activist and an organ transplant revolutionary, Martine Rothblatt is a fearless thinker driving change on multiple frontiers.

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Susan Wojcicki (’98)

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed the Class of 2014 with a message of confidence about driving change in emerging fields.

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Wendy Spinner (’89)

President of the Anderson Alumni Network, Wendy Spinner thrives on galvanizing a group around a shared vision.

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Janice Chaffin ('81)

The former group president of consumer business unit at Symantec Corporation and a member of Anderson's Board of Visitors talked frankly with Dean Judy Olian and students about the need for a culture of inclusion in the business world.

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Carissa Phelps (JD, MBA '07)

One of Anderson's top "100 Inspirational" alumni founded flexible purpose corporation Runaway Girl to connect survivors of human trafficking with resources, networks and local efforts to protect and care for victims within their own communities.

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Hwee Hua Lim (’89)

The first female full Cabinet Minister in the Singapore Government, Hwee Hua Lim entered politics and served as Singapore’s second minister of state for finance and transport after a successful career in private sector finance.

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Erica Green Swafford (’99)

Recently awarded the 2015 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series, Erika Green Swafford shares highlights of her successful journey from Anderson into entertainment.

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Julie Uhrman (FEMBA ’04)

OUYA founder and CEO Julie Uhrman fearlessly rethinks the way video games are created, played and sold.

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Kathy Magliato (EMBA ’06)

Heart transplant surgeon, philanthropist, entrepreneur, executive producer and author Kathy Magliato lives by the theme, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

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Angélica S. Gutiérrez (Ph.D. ’12)

Last January, Angelica Gutiérrez was honored as a #bruinoftheday by the UCLA Alumni Association for her commitment to serving her community and for researching and teaching diversity and inclusion in universities and the workplace.

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Rosie O'Neill ('05)

Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O'Neill shares sweet success curating, importing and marketing high-quality candies from all over the world.

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Sheeva Sairafi (FEMBA ’15)

Sheeva Sairafi (FEMBA ’15) is driving change with her entrepreneurial efforts to influence the way we buy fashion.

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