Professional> Cannabis Business Association (CBA)

The Cannabis Business Association aims to educate students on the business opportunities and challenges in the emerging cannabis industry. It accomplishes this goal through unique professional access to entrepreneurs in the field, experiential educational events and social gatherings. The club is free to join, and offers an opportunity for students to explore an emerging, nontraditional industry that the UCLA administration is excited to support.


CBA Officers


Andrew Tuckett


Luis Carlos Hernandez

Executive VP

Phoom Chirathivat

VP of New Initiatives

David Haddad

VP of Marketing

Alex Plotkin

VP of Operations

Pablo Martini

VP of Finance

Joshua Miller

VP of Ethics

Lisa Liu

VP of Education

Deryck Wong

VP of Industry and Alumni

Scott Rong

VP of Partnerships

Jay Sun

VP of Events and FEMBA




101 Speaker Series on the cannabis industry (e.g., distribution, marketing, investment, etc.)

Days-on-the-Job (DOJs) at cannabis businesses (e.g., Eaze, Mammoth Distribution)

Career Fair / MBA Career in Cannabis event


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.