Professional> Anderson Real Estate Association (AREA)

The Anderson Real Estate Association (AREA) seeks to serve its student members in the following ways:

- Promoting industry awareness;

- Preparing students to market themselves and conduct an appropriate career search;

- Educating students about real estate principles and concepts; and

- Providing networking opportunities for educational and social purposes.


AREA Officers


Aaron Sassounian


Rick Hajost

VP of Events

Diane Mangels

VP of Events

Jeff Eigenbrood

VP of Education

Sonya Falcone

VP of Corporate Outreach

Nick Marino

VP of Corporate Outreach

Ben Morrison

VP of Finance

Nick Stabler

VP of Alumni

Robbie Anthony

VP of Alumni

Greg Comanor

VP of Community

Corey Jacoby

VP of Community

Tejus Shankar

VP of Communications

Nicolas Ruhl

VP of Admissions

Federico Sacchini

VP of Admissions

Clay Friend

VP of FEMBA Relations

David Harmann

VP of FEMBA Relations

Jose Martabid

VP of International Ventures

Henrique Zarzur

VP of International Ventures




Real Estate 101 Series Workshops
Real Estate 101 sessions are designed to be educational opportunities for current students and are often conducted by second-year students and/or recent alumni working in the real estate industry. Educational presentation topics in the past have included real estate financial modeling and ARGUS training, urban in-fill development, land acquisition, the role of private equity financing and purchasing a home.

Distinguished Speaker Series
At various times throughout the year, AREA will host speakers from the national and local real estate industries.

Alumni Networking Mixers

Mentorship Program

Days on the Job

Site Visits

Real Estate Lunches

Real Estate Industry Career Night

NAIOP Challenge


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.