Interest> Family Business Association (FBA)

The Family Business Association (FBA) builds a community for those students who are already part of, want to start or will be working with family businesses. The FBA’s mission is to foster dialogue surrounding issues that are especially pertinent to family businesses and to create a lifelong global network that will create opportunities after graduation.


FBA Officers


Jose Martabid


Benjamin Mujica


Federico Sacchini

VP of Events

Shingo Kasahara

VP of Social

Arjun Chopra

VP of Finance

Tomas Sahli

VP of Admissions




Speaker Series:
National and international family business advisors discuss issues specific to family businesses, including succession planning, entrepreneurship within family business and what’s next after selling.

Networking Events:
These events include happy hours spotlighting individual members who want to share their experiences.

Professors and experts on family business talk about the main challenges.

Visits to Family Businesses:
These trips allow a limited group of students to learn about a company and its business.

One-on-One Conversations:
Experts on family business governance discuss issues specific to your family business.


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.