Eats (AnderEats)

AnderEats promotes bonding over the rich culinary experiences that Los Angeles has to offer based on the strong belief that food is one of the best ways to understand a culture. Whether bringing new cuisines or innovative takes on the classics to campus, AnderEats seeks to facilitate great eating experiences for students while cultivating a sense of community through food.


AnderEats Officers


Cynthia Phung


Rachel Lam

VP of Culinary Education

Erik Maroney

VP of Culinary Education

Joe Labes

VP of Events

Kevin Wikholm

VP of Events

Jaruda Suppakarnpanich

VP of Finance

Mayank Bhattarai

VP of International Exploration

Greg Finkelstein

VP of Partnerships

Nicole Nadig

VP of Partnerships





D48s and potlucks

In-home cooking classes

Local restaurant excursions

Cook-offs and bake-offs

Food trivia and challenges


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.