Interest> Anderson Public Speaking Club (PSC)

The Anderson Public Speaking Club's mission is to help you become better at speaking in front of a large audience, delivering your message with confidence and grace. We aim to help you cultivate the ability to think on your feet and feel comfortable being in the spotlight. We welcome everyone, irrespective of their current skill level. You can never be too good at public speaking, and you're never as bad at it as you think!


PSC Officers


Lisa Liu


David Menzie

VP of Finance and Operations

Henrique Pereira

VP of Communication

Oxana Ermolova

VP of Creative

Tejas Kamaraju

VP of Creative

Nishant Dani

VP of Admissions

Volkan Cambay

VP of International

Katsuo (Kai) Hayashi

VP of International

Matthew Shangraw





Bi-weekly Workshops
The club meets for a one-hour lunch every other week throughout the academic term to help members refine their public speaking skills.

Guest Speakers
The club hosts various guest speakers to share experiences and give examples of strong presentations.


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.