Interest> Anderson Eats (AE)

Anderson Eats promotes bonding over the rich culinary experiences that Los Angeles has to offer, from the Westside to downtown. Through outings to explore new cuisines, sharing recommendations and learning new cooking skills with classmates, Anderson Eats enriches both palates and camaraderie.


AE Officers


Eva Lee


Shiela Murali


Adi Rajapuram

VP of Dietary Inclusion

David Lee

VP of Finance

Kristin Dicenso

VP of Fine Dining

Richard Chiang

VP of Food Crawls

Kelsey Bostrom

VP of Partnerships

Josh Miller

VP of Pop-ups

Preethi Srikanth

VP of Epicurean Pursuit




We bring food - everything from cookies to burritos to Chick-fil-A sandwiches - to campus and hand it out for free...because we love food!

Inter-club Events
Anderson Eats partners with several clubs to bring the joy of food to everyone in the community and to bond with other students over delicious grub. Over the past year, our joint events have included a private chef night with the Anderson Wine Club, a s'mores and beer bonfire with the Outdoor Adventure Club and a sushi-making class with Japan America Business Association.

Fine Dining
Los Angeles is a vibrant foodie town, and there are so many places to explore. Anderson Eats will find best restaurants in town and bring you to them at an affordable price!

Cooking Classes
We enlist talented Anderchefs and Anderbakers, and have them host intimate dinners to teach you how to make their signature dishes!


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.