Anderson Creative (AC)

Anderson Creative (AC) aims to provide students with an outlet to demonstrate their talents and serve as a platform for students to enhance their creativity. We strive to utilize our resources to help classmates unlock their creative potential, prepare for C4C competitions (Battle of the Bands, Dance, Cheer) and embody the ASA’s four pillars: diversity, unity, partnerships and agency. We are a fun bunch of Anderson students who facilitate creative endeavors on campus and off. We serve as a reprise from the professional clubs and provide an open environment for everyone, regardless of their backgrounds, skill sets or interests.

Check out the BANDERSON!

Banderson is the official band of Anderson. We play at Stanford C4C's Battle of the Bands and at Anderson’s Got Talent, earning accolades and pleasing the crowds. And we recruit new members every year!

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AC Officers


Ratna Shukla


Henry Huang

VP of Finance

Daniel David

VP of Cross-Club Collaboration

Scott Sternad

VP of Events & Marketing

Victoria Xue

VP of Events & Marketing

Justin Pruttivarasin

VP of Dance

Jessie Zhao

VP of Photography

Alex Moy

VP of FEMBA Relations



  • AC Photo Showcase – Spirit of UCLA
  • Paint and Wine Night (in conjunction with the Wine Club)
  • Anderson's Got Talent
  • Latin Dance Circuit (in conjunction with LABA)
  • Bollywood Dance Workshop
  • Pottery/Flower Arrangement
  • Hiphop Dance Workshop
  • Cocktail Mixing
  • Food Plating Workshop

Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.