Interest> Anderson Craft Beer Club (ACBC)

The Anderson Craft Beer Club (ACBC) cultivates an elevated appreciation for the art and business of beer among the Anderson student body. We provide personal and professional fulfillment to club members through on- and off-campus lessons, tastings and networking opportunities that focus on all facets of the beer industry.


ACBC Officers


Amanda Unterreiner

Co-President - Malt Whitman

Zane Goodwin

Co-President - Tall Boy

David Lee

VP of Finance - Foamy Daniels

Preethi Srikanth

VP of Brewery Relations - Malteline Alebright

Lane Mergler

VP of Brewery Relations - Saquon Barley

Paul Ockelmann

VP of Homebrew - Shiner Pock

Miranda Proctor

VP of Logistics - Hoppy Blonde

Rob Percival

VP of Synergy - Dwayne "The Bock" Johnson

Dan Galgano

VP of New Initiatives - Brews Dickinson

Andrew Pavloff

VP of Portland Trek - Rip City

Steve Buller

VP of Treks - Shakesbeer

Diego Benitez

VP of FEMBA - Di(eg)onysus




Brewery Visits and Tastings
The ACBC brings breweries to campus every quarter to discuss their brewing history, trends in the craft beer industry and the business of brewing beer. Past breweries include The Bruery, Santa Monica Brew Works, Tenth and Blake, Golden Road, Golden Coast Mead, Firestone Walker and more.

Quarterly Homebrew Events
Each quarter, the ACBC brews its own specialty beer and holds an unveiling event, where we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Brewery Treks
The ACBC travels to areas with large brewery districts on a one-day adventure to try new beers, learn about different styles and make new friends in the process. San Diego, Torrance, and Portland were visited in 2017–2018.

New Initiatives The ACBC plans to do an Oktoberfest-themed partnership event with the European Business Association for the first time. Other ideas include beer and cheese pairings with Anderson Eats and a beer swap.


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.