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The Admissions Ambassador Corps (AAC) delivers an immersive on-campus and off-campus experience for prospective students. The AAC is responsible for managing class visits, campus tours, admissions interviews and events such as A-Days and Admit Preview Day. The AAC manages portions of the Anderson website, a blog and Instagram account, providing an inside look at the Anderson experience by sharing the school's unique culture with prospective students all over the world. The club works directly with the Office of Admissions and is well supported by a team of more than 100 passionate first- and second-year ambassadors who dedicate their time to sharing their experiences at Anderson and recruiting the next generation of students. The AAC also operates as a liaison to student clubs to manage any prospective student outreach.


AAC Board


Brett Sanchez


Chenjie Ding

Executive Vice President

Carolyn Wright

VP, Prospective Student Affairs

Christina Lam

VP, Interviewing

Jennifer Obiyo

VP, Marketing

Lauren Wolfen

VP, Events

Candace Parker

VP, Diversity

Denice Gonzalez-Kim

VP, Diversity

Katie Farias

VP, Yield & Special Projects

Estefi Medina

VP, Admit Weekends

Mark Larik

VP, Admit Weekends

Sid Ranjane

VP, International Outreach


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.