Identity> Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA)

The UCLA Anderson Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA) is an identity club for all students that would like to explore, understand and celebrate Southeast Asia’s rich heritage. SEABA intends to connect the Southeast Asia region and Anderson community through professional and social activities. The club seeks to serve Anderson students from all programs and nationalities who have an interest in the region.




Bharti Bhargava


Prabhat Gupta

VP of Finance

Vongleng (Tommy) Te

VP of Social and Events

Vuthikorn (Tim) Anusasamornkul

VP of Communication and Marketing

Baibhab Kislay

VP of Alumni Relations

Hari Kumar

VP of External Relation and Sponsorship

Rinaldi Juwono

VP of Student Affairs




Southeast Asia Admit Buddy Program
SEABA assigns a buddy to each student admitted from Southeast Asia to make sure that they have a smooth transition into campus life at UCLA Anderson and have someone to answer their questions.

Prospective Students Coffee Chats
SEABA coordinates coffee chats with interested students in Southeast Asia. During these chats, our students share their success stories and detail real-life examples of what the MBA life is like.

Dinners for Eight (D48s)
SEABA members are given the opportunity to have dinner with SEABA alumni or Anderson students who have worked in Southeast Asia. These dinners are thematic and are organized by professional interest, industry and cuisine.

SEABA organizes a much wider set of activities, including:

  • Movie Nights
  • International Film Festival
  • SEABA Food Trek
  • Songkran Celebration
  • Speaker Series
  • Admits Events
  • Career Events

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