Joint Ventures (JV)

Joint Ventures is a community of UCLA Anderson students who know how to have fun while balancing school, careers and relationships. Our membership encompasses students and significant others (Sig-Os) from all types of relationships (married, dating, etc.); family sizes; and sexual orientations.


JV Officers


Tony Lun


Kan Yanazawa

VP of Admissions

Damon Meng

VP of Communications

Toma Cubrilo

VP of Events

Songyi Wang

VP of Partnerships

Perry Poussard, Jr.

Co-VP of FEMBA Relations

Henry Farnam

Co-VP of FEMBA Relations

Leslie Nelson

VP of Sig-O Relations




The Join Ventures Club's annual events include:

Quarterly BBQs
House Parties

Play Dates
Day Trips
Weekend Trips


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.