Japan America Business Association (JABA)

The Japan America Business Association (JABA) is a bridge between the Anderson community and Japan. We promote Japanese business, culture and history through on- and off-campus events. JABA cultivates a strong network with Japanese professionals in Los Angeles by hosting academic forums and guest lectures. We help students establish relationships with various organizations to encourage internship and employment opportunities.


JABA Officers


Yuki Endo


Fumiaki Kobayashi

EVP and VP of Marketing

Kevin Tente

VP of Events (Social)

Ayaka Harigai

VP of Events (Social)

Jen I Lee

VP of Events (Professional)

Hiroyuki Tochigi

VP of Events (Collaboration/Partnership)

Koki Shibata

VP of Outreach

Daehan Kim

VP of Finance and VP of Sponsorship

Kohei Kuboyama

VP of Admission and VP of Technology

Yudai Nishiyama

VP of Alumni

Brian Kentaro Rinaldi





Japan Trek
This trek is one of the biggest student-led events at Anderson. During spring break in 2019, 190 people (including significant others) participated in the trek and experienced Japan’s unique culture and natural beauty. Destinations differ from year to year, but we usually visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Anderson International Film Festival
JABA participated in the Anderson International Film Festival in collaboration with the Entertainment Management Association and other identity clubs. This event was a celebration of Anderson's diversity through the screening of movies. JABA presented Tampopo, a 1985 Japanese comedy by director Juzo Itami.


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