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The Japan America Business Association (JABA) is committed to promoting students’ interests in Japan. Through various events, we educate our community about business, culture and history, and technology innovation in Japan. We build a network with Japanese people who work in various academic and professional fields in Los Angeles by hosting forums and guest lectures to communicate with others who have similar interests. We also help students establish a relationship with companies to encourage internship and employment opportunities.


JABA Officers


Tatsuro Nakajima


Takuma Umemura

EVP and VP of IT

Takaaki Hirabayashi

VP of Finance

Volkan Cambay

VP of Social

Shingo Kasahara

VP of IT and Ethics

Kana Yokota

VP of External Marketing

Takuma Naito

VP of External Marketing

Keita Murakami

VP of Alumni and Company Outreach

Oscar Oropeza

VP of Cross-Club Collaboration and Ethics

Keita Murakami

VP of Alumni and Company Outreach

Stevie Rhim

VP of FEMBA Member Engagement

Jennifer Bae

VP of Outreach




Japan Trip
This trek is one of the biggest student-led events at Anderson. During spring break in 2018, 170 people (including significant others) participated in the trip and experienced Japan’s unique culture and natural beauty. Destinations differ from year to year, but we usually start from Osaka, then visit Kyoto, then Mt. Fuji and finish in Tokyo.

Anderson International Film Festival
JABA participated in the first-ever Anderson International Film Festival in collaboration with the Entertainment Management Association and other identity clubs. This event was a celebration of Anderson's diversity through the screening of movies. JABA presented “Your Name," an animated film that was a blockbuster in Japan in 2016.


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