Identity> Japan America Business Association (JABA)

The Japan America Business Association is committed to promoting students’ interests in Japan. Through various events, we educate our community on Japan’s business trends and technology innovation, help establish relationships with companies to encourage internship and employment opportunities, and exchange knowledge by providing a forum for students to communicate with others with similar interests.


JABA Officers


Toshihisa Kageyama


Akihiko Eto

Executive VP

Yuhei Iwasaki

VP of Admissions

Shumpei Kobayashi

VP of Marketing

Matthew Cham

VP of IT and Ethics

Keiji Arimura

VP of Finance

Naoki Haraguchi

VP of Recruiting

Hiroyuki Semba

VP of Admissions

Tomoki Iwase

VP of Outreach



Japan Trip

This trek is one of the biggest events at Anderson. During spring break, more than 100 people (including Sig-Os and family) participate in the trip and experience Japan’s unique culture in several cities. Destinations differ from year to year, but we usually start from Osaka, then visit Kyoto, Nagoya, and finish in Tokyo. In Nagoya, we visit the Toyota factory and see the operation system we learn in the Core operation course.