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International Business Association (IBA) members show interest in global business and in leveraging international diversity within the UCLA Anderson community. This is a club that not only facilitates global career opportunities, but also shares different cultures within the Anderson community through interaction and cross-cultural collaboration between international and domestic students. The IBA is also a conduit between the Center for Global Management, identity clubs and the larger Anderson community, providing them with plethora of networking and professional opportunities in all parts of the world.

IBA Officers

International Food Festival
This is the annual IBA flagship event, showcasing cuisines from countries all around the world, including Japan, China, India, Thailand, Europe, South America and others.

International Fireside Chats
This is a quarterly event in which domestic students can hear the stories and experiences of fellow international students from their home countries.

Cross-Cultural Happy Hours
Two to three identity clubs host a mixer for other international and domestic students to promote the intermingling of different cultures through food, dance, music or movies.

International Alumni Mixers
These are networking events with Anderson alumni in the Los Angeles area who previously have worked internationally.

Cross-Cultural D48s
Students from different countries host intimate dinners for others.

Other events include:
• International Film Festival
• Online group coffee chats with alumni
• Telephonic informational workshops

Connect with Us
For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.