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The International Business Association (IBA) is a club for all Anderson students who are interested in learning about various cultures from across the world through interaction and collaboration with international and domestic students. The IBA is also a conduit between the Center for Global Management and any student who is looking for global work opportunities. It provides a plethora of networking and professional opportunities in all parts of the world.


IBA Officers


Prabhat Gupta


Prateek Gupta


Guillermo Fraile Diaz

VP of Events

Siddhant Ranjane

VP of Events

Richard Tran

VP of Marketing

Bharti Bhargava

VP of Internal Outreach

Vaibhav Tyagi

VP of Career Development

Megan Lemmerman

VP of Finance




International Fireside Chats
These are quarterly events where domestic students can listen to the stories and experiences of their fellow international students.

Cross-Cultural Happy Hours
Identity clubs come together to host a cultural mixer for rest of the international and domestic students to promote intermingling of different cultures.

International Alumni Mixers
Students from different countries come together to host intimate dinners for others

Cross-Cultural Dinners for Eight (D48s)
Students from different countries come together to host intimate dinners for others.

Other events include:
• International Food Festival
• International Film Festival
• Online group coffee chats with alumni
• Informational workshops


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.