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The UCLA Anderson European Business Association is an identity club for all students that would like to explore, understand and celebrate Europe’s rich heritage, culture and traditions through an unparalleled offering of social events. In parallel, the EBA acts as a bridge between continents by providing all the necessary networking tools to any Anderson student interested in exploring professional opportunities in the most exciting cities on the old continent. Enrich culturally, empower professionally.


EBA Officers


Guillermo Fraile Diaz


David Leal Alonso


Fidis Bortognini

VP of Social

Carolina Lourenco

VP of Social

Iryna Piven

VP of Career Development

Alejandro Domingo Salvador

VP of Alumni

Svetlana Krotova

VP of Admissions

Francesca Albanese





EBA organises annual European trips, This year for the first time EBA will be bringing a select group of Anderson students to explore major cities in Spain for a complete cultural and professional experience. European Trips, like our AnderSpain '18, are key for EBA to showcase the diverse aspects of the many business practices across Europe as well as an opportunity to build new relationships with Alumni and stronger connections with Anderson peers. During the 2019 Spring break, EBA will be bringing another small group of students to discover Central Europe to continue fostering knowledge and celebrating our European passion.

EBA members are given the opportunity to have dinners with European alumni or Anderson students who have careers in Europe. These dinners are thematic and are organized by professional interests, industries... and by European food type obviously. 

As an international community, EBA is well aware of the obstacles and difficulties European students face when entering a new culture, educational system and professional challenges. We help every individual navigating those challenges by organizing small group sessions focusing on very varied subjects such as cultural & educational adaptation. Career-wise, EBA also wants to help every interested student in building a career path throughout Europe, in collaboration with the Parker Career Management Center we organize industry reviews, networking and panel info sessions on how to best land a success story in some of the most exciting and vibrant European-based companies. 

The EBA coordinates coffee chats with interested students across major European cities. During these chats, our students share their success stories while giving real-life examples of what MBA life is like but also advice prospective students on the application process.

Celebrating Europe is a passion many clubs share with us, here are some examples of our collaborative events:European Dinners (with Anderson EATS)Soccer screenings (with Anderson Soccer Club)European Movie nights (with the Entertainment Management Association)Oktoberfest & European brewing (with Anderson Craft Beer Club)European wine tasting (with Anderson Wine Club)

The EBA also organizes other activities, including:
European music nights, day trips, Culinary experiences, Admits events...etc.


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For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.