Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) is the Anderson community’s platform for nontraditional outdoor sports and activities. From sea to summit, the OAC is committed to creating memorable excursions and treks for anyone seeking to enjoy the natural world of Southern California and beyond. The OAC caters to all skill levels, from beach walkers to the most elite outdoor athletes Anderson has to offer.


OAC Officers


Stephen Rosenman

Lead Guide & President

Ben Kirsch

VP of Backpacking & Drone Pilot

Dani Ebersole

VP of the High Seas

Ryan Keys

VP of Gnar and Snowsports

Ayesha Iyer

VP of Hiking

Axel Cramer

VP of Climbing & Sending It

Robby Wyper

VP of Fly Fishing

Emily Mitchell

VP of Mellow Adventures

Sam Murray

VP of Biking

Chris Preston

VP of Diving




On the Sea
While the swell and dive visibility at Santa Monica Pier aren’t worth writing home about, Los Angeles is not far from world-class surfing and diving. From the chugging sets from a long-period south-swell at Malibu Second Point and Rincon to the north to the epic conditions at San Clemente and Trestles to the south, a good day in the lineup is only a quick hop away. The OAC also caters to SCUBA and freedivers, frequenting Catalina and the Channel Islands — the best year-round diving conditions on the mainland United States.

Over Land
Hiking, camping and climbing are plentiful just outside of the city limits, with gorgeous trails overlooking the Pacific Ocean just to the north in Malibu and Ventura County. For the more practiced enthusiast, there are epic 10,000-foot climbs just to our east and incredible outdoor playgrounds of Mount Whitney, Yosemite and Joshua Tree within driving range. The OAC is out there — boots, climbing harnesses, ice axes and all — ready for their next challenge.

In the Clouds
The warm-weather snow havens of Bear Mountain and Mammoth are easy day trips, and the OAC is ready to get fresh tracks. Ditch your extra pair of gloves, and don’t forget your sunscreen and mirrored lenses — this is a whole new type of snow day.


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.