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Volleyball is an integral part of Southern California culture and a great way to get some sand and sunshine. The Anderson Volleyball Club is open to students and alumni of all skill levels who are interested in volleyball. For those looking to learn the game, the club hosts beginner lessons in the basics of volleyball. For those with more experience looking for high-level competition, the club organizes teams to take on the beach locals of Southern California. The year culminates in the annual C4C volleyball tournaments, where Anderson is a perennial favorite to win it all. Come out and have a bunch of fun playing volleyball with your Anderson community!


AVC Officers


Manish Kumar


Viviana Caso Corella


Udit Chaudhry

Executive Vice President

Bahman Mirzaee

VP of Events



C4C Tournament

The end-of-year tournament where schools from up and down the West Coast get together to compete for the Golden Briefcase! This weekend includes men's, women's and co-ed games

UCLA intramural tournaments

Play indoor volleyball against other graduate and undergraduate teams.

Beach volleyball Sundays

Every Sunday we meet up at Santa Monica Beach to play some volleyball. All levels are welcome, as it's a great way to learn and have some fun. We even have alumni coming to play.

Mixer first-years vs. second-years: 

Mixer first-years vs. second-years: 

Welcome beach tournament

Get to the beach to meet the newcomers.