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Technology is transforming the U.S. economy, and Los Angeles, particularly Silicon Beach, is certainly experiencing its impact. As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, what does the recent success of Silicon Beach tell us about the future landscape of and opportunities in the rest of the city? Is workforce development an impediment to further growth? What actions will industry, entrepreneurs, academia and the city need to take to ensure future success? The September UCLA Anderson Forecast conference discussed these issues as well as the economic outlook and prospect for a near-term recession.
September 2020 UCLA Anderson Forecast for the Nation
Jerry Nickelsburg, Ph.D., Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast

September 2020 UCLA Anderson Forecast for California
Leila Bengali, Ph.D., Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast

To V or Not to V, That is the Question
Edward Leamer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson

The Gig Economy in the U.S. and Los Angeles
William Yu, Ph.D., Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Will post-COVID19 Pandemic Finance Look Different for Tech?
A conversation with Dana Settle, Co-Founder and Partner, Greycroft

Innovation Opportunities in an Era of COVID-19
A conversation with Scott Brady, Managing Partner, Innovation Endeavors

Tech, Inequality and Post-COVID19 Los Angeles
A conversation with Damien Goodmon, Founder and Executive Director, Crenshaw Subway