“I believe deeply in our research and teaching mission and I am extremely proud to be a part of one of the world’s great public universities, tackling society’s most vexing problems. I look forward to leading the Anderson community as we engage that mission with a spirit of collaboration, innovation and purpose.”

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Antonio Bernardo, Dean and John E. Anderson Chair at UCLA Anderson, began his academic career at UCLA Anderson and has been a member of the finance faculty since 1994. He has a long history as an active and engaged member of Anderson’s faculty and its administration, having served as department chair and senior associate dean for academic affairs from 2006 to 2009, and finance area chair from 2013 to 2015 and again in 2019. He previously held the Joel Fried Chair in Applied Finance and Robert D. Beyer Term Chair in Management.

In 2019, Bernardo was appointed UCLA Anderson’s ninth dean, effective July 1. Read News Release.


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Thursday 7/16/2020 6:00 p.m.

Dear Anderson community,

In the seven weeks since George Floyd’s death, racial justice has moved from an activist cause to a widespread call to action. Finally, communities, institutions and businesses across the nation are acknowledging systemic racism and grappling with ways to overturn it.

Academia is no exception. As UCLA Chancellor Block and Executive Vice Chancellor Carter shared in their email of June 30, “In this moment we rightfully have been moved to ask what more we can do to make UCLA a community where all will know that Black lives, Black intellects, Black aspirations and Black experiences matter.” In the same email, they laid out a 12-point plan to drive lasting change at UCLA.

Here at Anderson, we are making the goals of equity, diversity and inclusion a central element of our forthcoming Strategic Plan, which will set the future course for the entire school. Combating systemic racism is a clear priority, as is setting up the necessary systems and processes to ensure that all members of our community — across every identity and background — can fulfill their potential at our school.

As Inspirational 100 alumnus Blair Taylor (’90) recently emphasized in a discussion hosted by Anderson’s Seattle alumni chapter, we must prepare for some difficulty and discomfort as we transform ourselves into an institution whose power, weight and scale are actively attacking the root causes of systemic racism. We have the will and commitment to live our values in this way, but have not been organized to actively integrate equity, diversity and inclusion concerns into all of our operations. We are changing that.

This summer, the strategic planning committee is gathering input from alumni, students, faculty and staff across the school, and the Strategic Plan will be shared with our community in the fall. I believe this thorough and deliberative approach is essential to produce the durable, multifaceted change that we desire.

However, we are not waiting for our final Strategic Plan before taking action. We have convened a summer task force of students working in partnership with staff and faculty to make immediate and near-term changes. Key initiatives already underway include the following:

• Driving changes in our curriculum, including the development of new cases and greater diversity in guest speakers, to increase exposure to underrepresented protagonists and business concerns

• Expanding center activities to foster equity, diversity and inclusion through new events, professional development programs and community engagement

• Establishing new external partnerships and recruiting activities to increase the diversity of our applicant pool

• Improving our search and review processes to address and eradicate structural barriers to hiring and promoting underrepresented faculty

• Establishing a new year-round speaker series to inform and inspire conversations about race, racism and EDI-relevant activities

• Preparing a new interactive EDI workshop series to facilitate practice of skills for inclusive interactions among students, staff and faculty — inside and outside of the classroom

• More thoroughly integrating the exemplary work of the Riordan Programs into the MBA programs to empower underrepresented students to achieve their academic and career goals

• Facilitating dialogue, reflection, and collaboration to enable our alumni to better address systemic racism and create change in their organizations

• Establishing clear metrics to allow for better monitoring and transparency of the equity, diversity and inclusion in our student body, staff and faculty

I believe we are at a pivotal point in history. Anderson must respond with intention and resources that are commensurate with this once-in-a-generation moment. We will establish strong systemic support for a thriving, diverse community here, and I hope and trust that you will each be an active part of this work. I welcome your ideas and input and will be sharing regular updates on our progress throughout the coming months.


Dean Antonio Bernardo
Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management


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