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Net Impact Career Resources at Anderson

Net Impact Career Night
Net Impact hosts a Career Night every year to offer first and second year students the opportunity to meet with others working in socially-responsible positions in different companies. Actual company participation reflects the interests and concerns of the Net Impact members. Attendees in 2007 included FlexCar, Sharp Solar, Southern California Edison, Education Pioneers, Patagonia, the RAND Corporation, and Parnassus Investments.

Days on the Job
AndersonNet Impact Members have the opportunity to visit organizatoins that integrate Net Impact values into their business model. Past DOJ's have included trips to Ceres, Sempra Energy, Patagonia.

Parker Career Management Center
The Parker CMC liaison for Net Impact is David Cooley.

Anderson Career Team (ACT Groups)
Net Impact members lead an Anderson Career Team, where members address career opportunities in government, nonprofit sector, education, or socially responsible business. The ACT program consists of career search peer groups that are launched during first year orientation and meet throughout the fall and winter quarters. The goal of ACT is to provide support, information and accountability for first year students in their individual career pursuits. The teams meet once every other week and meetings are facilitated by Career Coaches with the assistance of the Parker CMC staff. Groups are organized according to students’ industry/functional preferences and availability. We also offer exploratory groups for students unsure of their career direction.

Visit the Parker CMC external web site.

Haskamp Fund
The Fellowship for Management in the Public Interest In Memory of Heiko Haskamp (The Haskamp Fund) The Haskamp Fund grants Haskamp Fellowships to first year students working in non-profit or public sector summer internships. Typically, non-profit summer internships pay less than 50% of what a typical Anderson student might make in his/her summer internship. The Fund provides two primary benefits:

  1. It makes it possible for Anderson MBA students to work with nonprofit/public organizations.
  2. It makes it possible for nonprofit/public organizations to benefit from the expertise of an MBA intern, an expertise they may not otherwise be able to afford.

The Haskamp Fund relies on student participation to make these fellowships possible. The Fund asks students to pledge one day's salary from their summer job (payable after the student begins working) All donations are tax deductible.

Pledge forms will be distributed the las two weeks in May. Last year the first year class contributed over $5,000.

In honor of Heiko Haskamp:
Heiko Haskamp, a member of the Anderson class of 1988, died in a drowning accident during the summer of 1987. A West German national, Heiko was born and raised in Hong Kong. He had worked for Hewlett Packard in Europe for several years before coming to the Anderson School of Management, where he was well known for his gregarious and lively personality. The student-funded fellowship was established in his name by the members of the class of 1988 to encourage Anderson students to work in the community.

Web Resources
Career sites for Net Impact Members

Net Impact Career Center
Job postings and a Net Impact oriented career center. This is a great resource for career searches specific to Net Impact functions and industries. You must be a paid member of Net Impact Central (different from your Anderson chapter membership) to access this site.

The MBA-Nonprofit Connection
The MBA-Nonprofit Connection, a national organization, places business school students and graduates in nonprofit jobs. Alison Davis, Executive Director of MNC serves as a resource to students who are interested in learning more about the world of nonprofit careers. MNC posts jobs via the Parker CMC Classifieds. For more information email Alison Davis at MNC.
Popular resource for impact-oriented careers. Search for MBA to get recruiters searching for MBA talent.

EnviroNetwork is the leading environmental career network reaching thousands of environmental professionals

Environmental Career Opportunities
The #1 Source of Job Vacancies in the Environmental Field serving jobseekers and employers for over ten years!

Environmental Expert
B2B marketplace for environmental companies & professionals.

The Environmental Careers Organization
ECO’s mission is to protect and enhance the environment through the development of diverse leaders, the promotion of environmental careers, and the inspiration of individual action. This is accomplished through internships, career advice, career products, and research and consulting.

Sustainable Business Network
Listing of organizations, articles, job opportunities and other resources in the field of environment and sustainable development.

Opportunity Nocs
Nonprofit job listings from across the country.

From the Net Impact Guide to Business Unusual:

Historically focused on traditional career paths, Anderson’s career office has recently recognized students growing interest in socially-responsible careers and has made a formal commitment to provide more resources. These services include research, resources, networking opportunities, informal advice and training and funding tools. New students should expect to help shape the direction of on-campus recruiting.

Anderson's Career Management Center has designated a counselor to help Net Impact students find careers and actively solicits suggestions on companies to invite to recruit on campus. The career center also coordinates an ACT (Anderson Career Teams) group for Net Impact members. Led by a second-year students, Net Impact members receive step-by-step guidance on finding jobs in government, nonprofit sector, education, or socially responsible businesses.

Students can also gain experience in non-profit jobs through an Anderson-organized summer internship on campus in partnership with Johnson & Johnson. The program helps directors of Head Start programs and community health centers improve their operations. In this 10-week internship, students act as mini-consultants to these nonprofit professionals. Anderson also subscribes to the Nonprofit Connection for full-time and internship job listings.

Anderson also helps finance first-year students working in non-profit or public sector summer internships through the Haskamp Fund. The Fund relies on student participation and matching gifts from the school to make these fellowships possible. Last year the first year class contributed over $5,000.

Net Impact hosts events that both directly and indirectly impact students’ career searches. Like other Anderson clubs, Net Impact hosts a Career Night each winter. First and second year students have the opportunity to meet with others working in social enterprises or in socially-responsible positions at different companies. Actual company participation reflects the interests and concerns of the Net Impact members. Past companies have included Toyota, Patagonia, Sharp Electronics, Disney, Southern California Edison, Flex Car, Gap, Ethos Water and Broad Foundation.