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The UCLA Anderson School of Management provides a well-rounded curriculum with top-ten department rankings in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and high-technology.

In addition, its presence in Los Angeles provides the student body with opportunities that would be hard to find anywhere else. From real estate companies like K-B Homes to media companies like Fox, to a small Latino-owned business by the name of "Home Boy" Industries, the Los Angeles landscape contributes greatly to our MBA experience.

If you're thinking about applying to the Anderson School, or even to business school in general, there are several resources available to you at the Anderson School:

  • UCLA Anderson Academic Programs - Anderson offers both degree and non-degree programs to meet the diverse educational needs and professional goals of business and management students.
  • The Riordan Programs - Every year, approximately 40 to 50 college students and recent graduates participate in a series of Saturday sessions at the Anderson School. These sessions provide prospective MBA students with a chance to explore careers in business, prepare for business school, while working with the students and faculty at the Anderson School
  • Embracing Diversity Workshop - This annual forum provides applicants with an opportunity to meet students, faculty, and members of the admissions staff. Stay tuned for information regarding the next Embracing Diversity event.
  • Latino Leadership Institute - Offered via the Executive Education Program, the Latino Leadership Institute is designed for Latino and Hispanic executives and high-potential managers, participants explore and find out how to best use Latino social, economic, cultural, and political power to enhance their own careers.
  • Student presentations and panels - Over the past year, our students and alumni have worked closely with undergraduate organizations to help young Latinos explore the MBA as an option. We have a vast network of students and alumni, and may be able to work with your group on a joint activity.
  • Plan a visit - Classes for the full-time program are held Monday through Thursday. If you are serious about pursuing the MBA at Anderson, this could be a great experience for you. To plan a visit, please send an email to our VP of Outreach.


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